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Chapter 99: Go, Hurry And Leave You Guys!

Feng Yi Ran was flabbergasted from the attack.

He didn't expect that City Lord Bi, who was all smiles just now, could be so surprisingly rude once he opened his mouth!

City Lord Bi smilingly cupped his hands towards Jun Lin Yuan. "Your Highness, Northern Territories City is located at a remote location, the Lingering Garden is already the best house that can be found. If Your Highness isn't against it, please stay at the Lingering Gardens and allow this humble official to properly receive you."

Once Feng Wu heard these words, she immediately rejoiced!

That's great, that's great! Hurry and leave! ! After Jun Lin Yuan and company left, she could seize the moment to refine that pill! ! ! How miserably had she been bullied by people only because she couldn't cultivate?

Feng Wu simply wished that she could extend her hand and push Feng Xun along with the rest of them out the door!

She was inwardly thinking of this, but the fact was that she unexpectedly involuntarily pushed Feng Xun for real while he was standing in front of her.

At the moment her hand touched Feng Xun's back, only then, did she finally realize what she was doing and quickly withdrew her hand.

Feng Xun turned his head around, saw Feng Wu's pair of shining eyes, and a burst of happiness immediately bloomed in his heart!

Feng Xun placed both hands on his hips. "Ha ha ha——Little Feng Wu, ha Little Feng Wu, why did you grab me? You can just directly say that you don't want us to leave. How can you be such a dishonest person, saying one thing while thinking something else?"

Feng Wu. "! ! !"

How did she ever grab Feng Xun? ! When had she grabbed him? ! She clearly pushed him, ok? Push!

Just when Feng Wu was about to explain, Jun Lin Yuan's pair of scorching, deep eyes focused on her face.

Feng Wu only felt a numbness radiate through her scalp while her back shivered……

Feng Wu summoned up her courage. "How was I grabbing you? I was clearly pushing you away!"

Feng Xun laughed heartily. How could someone as narcissistic as him believe these words from Feng Wu?

"This girl is indeed saying one thing while feeling something else. Is it possible for me to fail at understanding you? Tch tch——" Feng Xun immediately waved his hand to indicate that Feng Wu need not speak anymore. After that, he smugly ran to Jun Lin Yuan's side.

"Boss Jun……" Feng Xun muttered something for awhile.

Jun Lin Yuan's eyebrows were originally creased. It's unclear whether he was unwilling……after all, no one could really guess Crown Prince Jun's profoundly impenetrable thoughts.

Everyone only saw Jun Lin Yuan finally nodding his head slightly.

"Yeah!" Feng Xun was especially happy as his eyebrows jumped while he shot a glance at Feng Wu. "You should be happy now."

"What?" Feng Wu was confused.

Feng Xun's pair of hands clasped behind him as he turned his head and focused on City Lord Bi, speaking complacently. "We're not going to be staying at Lingering Gardens, save it for your son to live in."

"Then you're all……" Profound regret appeared within City Lord Bi's eyes.

"We're staying here." Feng Xun pointed to the feng residence as aversion tinged the tone of his voice. "Even though it's old and worn out and cramped, can't be helped that my little kitchen lady lives here. Good grief, it'll do, if just barely. We'll just stay here then."

Once Feng Yi Ran and Feng Liu heard that the crown prince's band of people are staying, they became excited at once, eyes wide and shining, their bodies trembling with excitement!

But when Feng Wu heard these words, she immediately became stunned……what? ! Staying here? ! Staying at the Feng residence? !

"No no no, can't do that——" Feng Wu subconsciously cried out in alarm!

If they're staying here, then when would she ever be able to refine the Nine Reversal Spirit Pill? The essence fluid from the Immortal Spirit Fruit was stolen from their hands, how would she dare to take, it, out, and, refine, it? !

What kind of a joke was this!

"No no no, it's just as Young Prince Feng has said, our Feng residence is too small, too worn out, too old, too unpresentable, how can it be used to entertain such honorable and noble guests as you are? Therefore——" Feng Wu shook her head with all her might.

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