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Chapter 100: Capture Her For Us

[Don't! Please…absolutely, don't!]

[Please leave, please leave immediately!]

However, Feng Xun completely ignored Feng Wu. "This untruthful girl, just shut up, trying to hide it only makes it so much more obvious, aren't you embarrassed?"

Feng Wu: [! ! !]

"In fact, god knows how happy you are inside. Do you really think we don't know the truth……" Feng Xun muttered quietly.

Feng Wu: [! ! ! For crying out loud!]

Feng Xun shot a glance at Feng Yi Ran. "Our staying at the Feng residence, do you welcome this?"

"Mn mn mn!" Feng Yi Ran quickly nodded, as if his life depended on it. He nodded from the depths of his heart!

Feng Xun shot a glance at Feng Wu. "Did you see that? This is what a normal reaction ought to be. You, girl, so fake."

Feng Wu. [! ! ! Goddamnit! Serves them right that the essence fluid from the Immortal Spirit Fruit had been stolen by her. Presently, she already no longer felt any guilt towards Elder Brother Feng Xun, humph!]

Feng Xun directly ignored Feng Wu's opinion. When he noticed City Lord Bi's regretful appearance, he immediately snapped his fingers. "City Lord Bi, our Boss Jun said a moment ago that there's a very important matter that he wants to hand over to you."

City Lord Bi's eyes instantly shined. "Being able to serve His Highness the Crown Prince is this humble official's honor!'

He was not afraid of Crown Prince Jun troubling him, he was only afraid that the Crown Prince would neglect him.

Because as long as he could handle some matters for Crown Prince Jun, he would have some relations with him, have access to him. Didn't relations between one person and another precisely depend on these back and forth contacts to become closer?
Of course, even if Crown Prince Jun disdained him, getting a bit closer to Young Prince Feng was also very good, a very good thing.

Thinking to this point, City Lord Bi bowed at once and asked very deferentially. "Don't know what it is that Crown Prince needs this humble official to go manage?"

When this matter was mentioned, Feng Xun was silent for a period of time……

Everybody also turned towards Feng Xun. As a result, everybody saw that strange expression on Feng Xun's face, the complicated state of mind, the embarrassment in speaking his mind……the distress.

"Young Prince?" City Lord Bi noticed him gnashing his teeth from time to time as the Young Prince was having difficulty containing his anger. His heart jumped. What the heck's going on such that Young Prince Feng actually cared about it so much?

"Find someone for us." Feng Xun clenched his fists as his gaze focused on City Lord Bi. "Hold on for a moment?"

Feng Xun shot a glance at Feng Wu. "Prepare brush and ink."

Feng Wu pressed on her forehead. Is he really taking her for a maid now? Was she so easy to command like a servant now?

Moreover, when she heard that Feng Xun wanted brush and ink, Feng Wu's heart unexpectedly palpitated a bit. She had a very bad kind of feeling……but this kind of feeling passed quickly, and she wasn't able to grasp it.

Feng Wu didn't move, but there truly was no small number of people who were willing to move.

Feng Liu already flew out earlier and instantly returned with paper, brush, and ink-stone in hand, smiling from ear to ear as she arrived before Feng Xun. "Young Prince, the brush, paper, and ink-stone that you needed."

"Mm." Feng Xun looked at the fine writing paper spread out on the table. After the writing brush in his hand was fully moistened with ink, he inhaled a deep breath and closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, they were as unperturbed as the wind.

Swish swish swish——

Strong and vigorous strokes flowed from Feng Xun's brush from time to time, occasionally interspersed with soft lines……not long after, the image of a person appeared on the fine writing paper!

When she saw that image, Feng Wu only felt as if she was struck by five peals of thunder as all of the blood in her body rushed to her forehead!

Within three minutes, Feng Xun finished drawing a simple portrait. With one wave of his hand, all of the ink dried.

He took that brush painting and gave it to City Lord Bi, speaking with anger between gritted teeth. "If there were no unforeseen incidents, then this ugly girl should be in the Northern Territories right now. Take some people and capture her for us!"

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