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Chapter 98: You, Get Out Of Here.

"You, get out of here." Once these words were spoken by Jun Lin Yuan, everyone at the scene quieted down, silence——-

Everybody turned their heads towards Jun Lin Yuan.

In any case, Bi Yun Fei was the ruler of a city, furthermore, the City Lord of a city like Northern Territories City could be considered a minor provincial governor. However, Jun Lin Yuan unexpectedly directly spoke the words 'get out of here'……

Bi Yun Fei's originally beaming face immediately looked like he'd been slapped by someone, red on one side, green on the other.

Feng Yi Ran also didn't expect that Jun Lin Yuan surprisingly didn't give the City Lord any face as his own face became paler than pale. "Your Highness Crown Prince…….don't you…….dislike Feng Wu? That's why you annulled marriage, isn't that so?"

Jun Lin Yuan stood up, his right hand resting behind him as he arrogantly lifted his chin. "Young Third Feng."

"Ho——" Feng Xun smugly ran up.

Who knew, Jun Lin Yuan actually wasn't calling him, instead, he continued to laugh coldly. "You dare to fight over her with him? Stand up." In any case, he wouldn't be able to snatch her from him.

Wah! Feng Xun was so moved his cheeks suddenly streamed with tears! As it turned out, Boss Jun shielded him so much! Boss Jun actually was so good to him! He simply……Feng Xun wished that he could devote his life to him!

"Boo hoo hoo——Boss Jun——" Feng Xun's was starry eyed as he tugged at Jun Lin Yuan's wide sleeve.

Jun Lin Yuan shot a glance at him before ignoring him and silently withdrew his hand.

One ought to know that at this moment, as City Lord Bi waited for people, he finally thought of a popular rumor about Crown Prince Jun.

In Crown Prince Jun's heart, there were only two types of people, the first kind was his own people, the other kind was other people……

Feng Xun was one of his own people, therefore he shielded him.

Feng Wu wasn't one of his people, therefore he definitely wouldn't care whether Feng Wu missed a beautiful fated love, or whether she fell from being the Feng family's fifth young lady into becoming the Feng (Feng Xun) family's kitchen lady.

Everyone's gazes silently changed direction towards Feng Wu, the light in their eyes brimming with sympathy and pity.

Feng Wu. "……"

City Lord Bi looked upon Feng Wu with pity. With merely a few words from Jun Lin Yuan and Feng Wu's position was reduced from being a precious young lady from the Feng family into a kitchen lady. It's unknown how she offended Jun Lin Yuan.

If other people said these words, City Lord Bi felt that there'd still be room to maneuver. Even if the emperor opened his mouth, City Lord Bi could still say a few words in response.….however, now that Jun Lin Yuan had opened his mouth, City Lord Bi didn't dare to utter another word. He knew that in this lifetime, Feng Wu was doomed to only be a kitchen lady.

Thinking of this, the City Lord's enthusiasm came to an end. On behalf of Feng Wu, and also on behalf of his retarded son, he sighed a long sigh.

Merely, he was a calculating man to begin with. In the blink of an eye, a smiling expression again spread across his face. "His Highness Crown Prince ought to remain at Northern Territories City for a period of time, right? This humble official already commanded people to make preparations at Lingering Gardens. If His Highness isn't against it, how about staying at Lingering Gardens?"

Jun Lin Yuan's people arrived quietly, so the City Lord didn't have a chance to receive him. With great difficulty, he presently met with him. How could he let go of this opportunity?

Once Feng Yi Ran heard this, his heart immediately became a bit worried.

So it turned out that the marriage the City Lord spoke of was fake, but snatching away the crown prince was the real thing!

Bi Yun Fei wanted to curry favor with Jun Lin Yuan, could it be that Feng Yi Ran didn't also want to? He actually came carrying a mission from their clan!

Thinking up to this point, Feng Yi Ran's face also squeezed out a smiling expression. "Your Highness, even though our Feng residence is somewhat old, nevertheless, it's located in a quiet and secluded environment, elegant and peaceful. If Your Highness isn't against it, it's possible to stay at our Feng……"

Feng Yi Ran's voice hadn't dropped before City Lord Bi waved his hand. "No no no, that's inappropriate, greatly inappropriate. Master Feng, your Feng residence is worn and out of repair, the furnishings are archaic. Along the entire road coming here just now, there were quite a few broken eaves along the roof, how is it proper for High Highness and his people to stay here?"

Not a single person expected that the two people who were giddily happy just now would presently directly tear at each other.

(From the Author: PS: Did you guess Jun Lin Yuan's five words?)

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