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Chapter 989
989 Is Her Beautiful Master Leaving? As expected, her beautiful master didn’t say anything else to her other than to give her the necessary instructions in teaching her how to draw inscriptions .

Feng Wu worked assiduously, putting more effort into her task than she usually did .

For the next few days, Feng Wu didn’t return to her Fallen Star Yard . She was focused solely on the formation .

Her beautiful master taught her a swordplay set while she worked on the formation .

It was the second part of Star and Moon swordplay .

Together, the stances were known as Fallen Stars .

However, Feng Wu had only been able to master the first three stances so far!

But as soon as Feng Wu struck out with those three stances, she felt so much more empowered . They were a huge improvement from the first part of the swordplay she had learned before .

“What a pity . ” Her beautiful master heaved a sigh .

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Feng Wu paused in her practice and looked at her master in bewilderment .

Her master looked at her affectionately . “You still need one more sword . ”

“Isn’t my Flaming Sword enough?” Feng Wu looked at the one she was holding . She thought it was good enough . Plus, her beautiful master had had this one specially forged for her back then .

Her beautiful master’s eyes flickered .

“Flaming Sword used to be enough, but now that you specialize in both fire and ice, it’s not as efficient . ” His tone remained mild, but his suggestion wasn’t open to any doubt .

Feng Wu agreed with him after some thought .

The Heart of Frost Essence in fact wasn’t the most valuable thing she had obtained in Proud Snowfield — it was her new specialty in the ice attribute .

Working on two attributes at the same time would slow down her cultivation speed, but the results would be much more impressive than if she worked on the fire attribute alone .

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“But what sword should I get?” Feng Wu was puzzled .

She stopped making decisions when her master was around, for her beautiful master always made the best calls .

He used to be the ruler of the continent, and had witnessed more in this world than anyone could imagine . Therefore, Feng Wu trusted him wholeheartedly .

Her beautiful master kept his gaze on her and said in a gentle but decisive voice, “You can keep Flaming Sword before you reach the Spiritual Elder stage . After that, you must switch to a new one . ”

He added, “I’ve told Little Phoenix the specifics . When the time comes, it will give you instructions on how to find your new sword . ”

Feng Wu said, “Alright . ”

Her master went on . “I’ve also told Little Phoenix about the remaining stances . It will teach you everything . ”

Feng Wu said, “Alright . ”

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“And in Imperial College…”

He then drew Feng Wu an inscription in the shape of a heptagram .

“Remember this pattern,” said her beautiful master . “If anyone gives you a hard time in Imperial College, take this inscription to the forbidden area behind the mountain, and someone will give you a hand . ”

It saddened Feng Wu to hear him talk like this . “Master, aren’t you supposed to be here for seven days? I thought we still had a day left . ”

Her beautiful master’s face glowed in the light . He stood there with his hands behind his back as his robe flapped in the wind .

He looked so tranquil .

And his eyes were as brooding as they were clear .

“Silly girl, we only had six days . ” He tried to pat Feng Wu’s head .

However, he was only a shadow and couldn’t touch her .

Something flickered in his eyes, which seldom gave away any emotions . He sighed . “Kiddo, take good care of yourself . ”

He then slowly faded away .


Feng Wu shrieked . She tried to hold her master’s sleeve, and she trembled with sorrow . “No! No! Master, don’t leave me —”

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