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Chapter 990
990 Breaking News! However, her beautiful master faded away, just like five years ago .

“No —”

Feng Wu dropped to her knees and burst into tears when the shadow of her master disappeared from between her fingers .

Right at that moment!

All of a sudden!

Rumble —

An incredible fluctuation of spiritual essence spread out from Fang Manor!

An intense burst of spiritual essence shot up into the sky!

Feng Wu raised her head involuntarily and looked in the direction of the house in bewilderment, her eyes still watery .

What was going on?

Was someone making a breakthrough?

Just then!

All of a sudden!

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Lightning flashes tore the sky open, and there was an ear-splitting rumbling!

A streak of lightning struck with incredible force, aiming right for Fang Manor!

What on earth was going on?!

Feng Wu wasn’t the only one shocked — so was the entire imperial capital!

Also on this side of the wall, Feng Yanfeng was sick in bed from all his previous frustrations, and the thunderclap made him jump .

He bolted up in astonishment .

Seeing streaks of lightning strike Fang Manor repeatedly, Feng Yanfeng rejoiced at first . Grand Secretary Fang had always been a lowkey figure, and had declined when Feng Yanfeng tried to extend his friendship to the old man .

With the lightning storm taking place exclusively over Fang Manor, Feng Yanfeng believed that this was a punishment from God .

However, Feng Yanfeng soon realized that wasn’t the case!

That wasn’t right!

If it was only a lightning storm, what was that buzzing sound?

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It was someone trying to make a breakthrough!

Judging by all the noise… What cultivation level had Grand Secretary Fang been at before?

The Zuo family .

Zuo Ming was throwing a tantrum at home!

He had hired Guillotine Seven to kill Feng Wu, but Feng Wu was still walking around, and that Guillotine Seven had disappeared!

Guillotine Seven was supposed to be a Spiritual Elder!

What on earth was Feng Wu’s cultivation level?!

Just then, he heard the rumbling!

“What was that?!” Zuo Ming rose to his feet in astonishment!

As a capable cultivator himself, of course he recognized that sound .

It wasn’t common lightning, but the sign of a capable cultivator making a breakthrough!

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Zuo Ming and his wife stood by the window and looked in the direction of the lightning . They frowned . “Is that the direction of the Feng clan?”

Could it be Feng Wu? Zuo Ming blanched .

No… It couldn’t be!

Feng Wu wasn’t even a Spiritual Elder yet . She wouldn’t be able to generate such noise .

Soon, secret guards showed up to report to Zuo Ming . “It came from Grand Secretary Fang’s residence . ”

Zuo Ming calmed down . So, the Feng clan had nothing to do with it .

The imperial palace .

Emperor Wu and the empress dowager were discussing Jun Linyuan’s injuries when they heard the rumbling . Emperor Wu bolted up!

He knew what that was!

“Who’s the lucky person?” Without another word, Emperor Wu climbed up the watchtower .

There, he saw all the lightning strike Grand Secretary Fang’s house .

That excited Emperor Wu .

It was Grand Secretary Fang!

Everyone had thought that he was too old to make any more progress, and that his days were numbered . This breakthrough was a surprise to them all!

Emperor Wu knew what level Grand Secretary Fang had been at before, and he realized what this breakthrough meant .

Grand Secretary Fang would be second only to Emperor Wu in cultivation level .

“This is great news! The empire is going to have another capable cultivator!” Emperor Wu made a fist .

But it wasn’t time to celebrate just yet .

For the lightning tribulation hadn’t ended .

All would be lost if Grand Secretary Fang couldn’t pull through .

Emperor Wu wasn’t the only one waiting . The entire imperial capital held their breaths .

No one dared to go anywhere near Fang Manor .

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