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Chapter 988
988 Heard by the Beautiful Master? Attracted to each other?!

That had to be the most shocking statement Feng Wu had ever heard in years . Involuntarily, she looked back at her beautiful master . The parent was watching!

As expected, she detected a slightly displeased look in her master’s eyes .

Feng Wu grabbed Feng Xun by his collar . “What attraction? I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Feng Xun found her reaction strange . “Well, you like Boss Jun and Boss Jun likes you . That’s mutual attraction, isn’t it?”

Feng Wu was infuriated!

Looking around, she saw that her master, who had been standing by the window, was gone .

Feng Wu panicked . Did he hear that?

“Little Feng Wu, was I wrong?” Feng Xun snorted . “You guys kept it from me all this time!”

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Feng Wu flared up . “There is no mutual attraction between me and Jun Linyuan! He doesn’t even like me!”

But Feng Xun was certain of his conclusion . “He likes you . ”

Feng Wu said, “I don’t like him . ”

Feng Xun mumbled, “How can you not be in love with him? You went to his room in the middle of the night on our way back…”

“Feng Xun!” Feng Wu glared at him .

Feng Xun said, “Alright, alright . I take that back . Although, don’t you owe me another explanation?”

Feng Wu asked, “And what might that be for?”

Feng Xun said, “Little Feng Wu, I see that you kept mum about recovering your ability . ”

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Feng Wu cleared her throat and avoided Feng Xun’s eyes .

If he knew that she was the one who had stolen their Immortal Spiritual Fruit, which in turn enabled her to get her ability back… Feng Xun would probably kill her right here and right now .

Feng Xun pressed harder . “When did you recover? I bet you already had your ability back when we met you in Northern Border City . ”

Feng Wu nodded repeatedly . “Yes, that’s right . ”

Feng Xun patted Feng Wu on the head . “You silly girl . It’s great news . Why did you keep it from us?”

Feng Wu grinned . “Well, I thought I would tell you guys after I caught up to your cultivation levels . ”

“Catch up to us? Heh, that’ll never happen!” Feng Xun said arrogantly .

Feng Wu raised her chin . “I got into Imperial College with the highest marks in both the written exam and the physical tryout . Could you have done that?”

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As a matter of fact, Feng Xun couldn’t .

He had taken the entrance exam in the same year as Jun Linyuan; there was no way that he could have gotten first .

Feng Xun was rendered speechless .

He threw a dirty look at Feng Wu . “You’re such a… You know what? Forget it . I’ll see you in two days for the induction . ”

Feng Wu wanted to tell him that she wouldn’t be there for the induction, but Feng Xun was gone before she could say anything .

He and Xuan Yi left as quickly as they had come .

Especially Xuan Yi, who didn’t even say a word during the brief visit . However, he had kept his gaze on Feng Wu the entire time, a knowing look in his eyes .

Feng Wu rubbed her head . What was that about?

She then recalled what Feng Xun said and found it amusing . Jun Linyuan was in love with her? Feng Xun had to be dreaming .

Shaking her head, Feng Wu wanted to get all the strange thoughts out of her mind .

She then turned around to find her beautiful master behind her .

“Master!” Feng Wu beamed at him with a wide smile that was more wonderful than spring sunshine or morning dew .

Her beautiful master stood there with his hands behind his back . His wide sleeves draped down to the ground, which only added to his exceptional appearance .

The look he gave Feng Wu was colder than usual . “Shouldn’t you be working on your inscriptions now?”

Feng Wu rubbed her nose .

Her master hadn’t changed at all . She had only enjoyed one day of his affection before he was back to his old aloof self . Her good day was over .

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