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Chapter 979
979 Beautiful Master 4 If anything happened, they would be able to retreat to Fang Manor, where they could hide in the center of the formation; even an assassin like Guillotine Seven wouldn’t be able to touch them there .

And there was no time to waste .

Feng Wu turned to Qiuling . “Run a bath for me, please . I need to get changed . ”

“Miss, let me help you with that . ”

Qiuling burst into tears again when she saw Feng Wu’s bloodstained clothes . She had to turn her face away, so that Feng Wu wouldn’t see her tears .

Feng Wu was going to turn her down when Qiuling said hastily, “But, miss, the blood has already dried up and your clothes are stuck to your wounds . You could tear those cuts open again…

“Plus, you can’t treat the wounds on your back…” Qiuling said in a pleading voice .

“Alright, alright, I’ll let you do it . ” Feng Wu looked at Chaoge, Feng Xiaoqi, Uncle Qiu, and the others in turn . “We’re facing some very tough enemies, so you’ll have to work harder on your cultivation . We’ll protect this family together . ”

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Feng Wu’s little speech got everyone’s adrenaline pumping . Fighting back their tears, they returned to their rooms and started cultivating right away .

Before, the sense of urgency hadn’t been as pressing, and they hadn’t felt the need to practice as soon as they opened their eyes .

But danger was approaching now; every moment could mean life or death, and they had to put in all their efforts!

Qiuling helped Feng Wu into the bathroom .

Feng Wu gave Qiuling a wry smile as the latter slowly cut her clothes off .

“It’ll take forever . Don’t bother . ”

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After that, Feng Wu climbed into the wooden tub and sat down in the hot water .

The air filled with steam —

Qiuling’s eyes widened!

For the water turned red right away .

Qiuling had finally stopped crying, but she burst into tears again .

Feng Wu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry . “Why do you have so many tears? Don’t cry . ”

Qiuling was almost out of breath .

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“Other young ladies would cry their eyes out when they poke their fingers with a sewing needle, but, miss, you —”

Qiuling went on crying as she poured hot water over Feng Wu’s shoulders .

Feng Wu smiled bitterly . “I’m used to this . ”

And those words sent Qiuling into tears all over again .

Feng Wu shook her head in resignation . “Alright, alright . I’ll stop talking like that, okay?”

To Feng Wu, getting hurt had become a part of life . She didn’t mind getting injured every day if it meant that she would be able to talk to her master .

After Feng Wu finally got rid of all the blood, Qiuling helped her out of the tub, treated all her wounds, then bandaged her up .

The room almost felt too quiet . Feng Wu turned around and saw that her maid was crying again .

Patting Qiuling on the head, Feng Wu sighed . “I’ll be more careful from now on . Happy?”

Qiuling’s eyes were red from all the crying . She knew very well that her mistress had a lot on her shoulders .

Hence, Qiuling made a mental note to work harder on her cultivation so that she could share some of that responsibility, even just a little .

“Miss, is there a crash course in cultivation?”

Feng Wu had put on some new clothes, and had been about to go out, when Qiuling asked the question .

It had to be because of her wounds .

Turning around, Feng Wu looked Qiuling in the eye . “A crash course comes with high risks . You can injure yourself in the process . You really don’t have to…”

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