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Chapter 978
978 Beautiful Master 3 “Master, you’re awake . Does this mean that you can stay with me forever?”

With her beautiful master around, Feng Wu seemed to find her innocent self again . It was as if the world was her backyard and she could live like a carefree princess .

Her beautiful master’s smile was gentle and peaceful .

He smiled at Feng Wu, as if he was looking at his favorite child . But then, he shook his head .

Feng Wu’s heart sank and she looked up at him . “So…”

“Seven days . ” His eyes were the darkest black .

“Only seven days…” Feng Wu bit her lower lip and sighed .

Well, it was better than nothing .

Feng Wu clenched her fists . She made a mental note that she would find all five broken star pieces . That way, her beautiful master would stay with her forever .

She looked forward to that day .

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Just then, she heard light footsteps nearby .

She realized that the fight had drawn some attention .

She couldn’t leave the assassin’s body here . Other people might be able to learn something from it if they studied it carefully .

Feng Wu snorted, then took a bottle of corpse-dissolving solution out of her sleeve .

Sizzle —

Soon, Guillotine Seven turned into a pool of pale yellow liquid . Feng Wu then took everyone home .

Qiuling was the first to see Feng Wu when she got home, and she almost screamed .

Feng Wu silenced her with a hand gesture .

Qiuling burst into tears . “Miss, were you tortured? Was it His Majesty?”

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Chaoge was there as well, and she was furious!

“I thought you saved the crown prince . Why would they do this to you? I need to talk to those people!”

Chaoge then rushed toward the door .

Baffled, Feng Wu stopped her right away . “It’s not what you think . Just stay put . ”

“So, what happened?”

By then, everyone had arrived, and they all shed tears when they saw how badly hurt Feng Wu was .

Luckily, the beautiful lady had already gone to bed . She would pass out from distress if she saw this .

Looking around the room, Feng Wu took a deep breath and decided to tell them the truth .

This was the start of the Zuo family’s revenge, and they had to be on guard now .

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She told them about the assassination just then .

“The Zuo family!”

“They tried to kill you?!”

“I can’t believe this! That’s just outrageous!”

Feng Wu looked around the room with a solemn look in her eyes . “But they did just try, and there’s nothing we can do . ”

The crowd was speechless .

Chaoge asked, “What are we going to do now?”

Feng Wu said calmly, “Don’t get too wound up . After Guillotine Seven, I don’t think they’ll send another killer for a while . What worries me now isn’t my own safety, but yours . ”

Qiuling said, “Miss, we’ll be fine . As long as we stay at home…”

Feng Wu smiled bitterly . “Of course you can stop going out, but we’re a wall away from the street outside; what will you do if the Zuo family sends the next killer here? You won’t stand a chance!”


Everyone looked at Feng Wu nervously .

Feng Wu studied their faces carefully .

She had come up with a plan already . Her beautiful master would be here for seven days, and she would have the Taiyi formation ready in that time . It would cover the entire area from Fang Manor to Fallen Star Yard .

Then —

Feng Wu was going to dig a tunnel from Fallen Star Yard to Grand Secretary Fang’s house .

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