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Chapter 980
980 Beautiful Master 5 “I’m not afraid of risks . I just want to take some of the burden off your shoulders . ”

Qiuling knelt down and prostrated herself on the floor . She had never sounded so serious .

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

Qiuling went on . “I’m only a Level 3 Spiritual Master and my progress is just too slow . Miss —”

Feng Wu said, “What if I tell you a shortcut, but there’s a 50% chance that you’ll die in the process…”

“I’m willing to take that risk!”

Feng Wu said, “You have seven days to think about it . ”

She then left the bathroom with a solemn look on her face .

Her family was on edge because she wasn’t powerful enough . They only wanted to help her .

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Feng Wu knew that she had to get stronger! There was no time to waste!

She arrived at Fang Manor next door .

Steward Fang wasn’t surprised to see her .

“Miss Feng, my master is expecting you . The usual place . ”

Feng Wu nodded .

The usual place referred to Grand Secretary Fang’s study .

The room smelled of sandalwood incense .

Grand Secretary Fang was sitting cross-legged on a rush cushion with his eyes closed .

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The evening sunlight poured in through the window, creating a warm glow around his body .

“You’re here . ”

He opened his eyes .

Feng Wu bowed . She was aware of the pressure the old man had had to endure when she had taken the exam in the snowfield, not to mention all the help he had given her .

“Sit . ” Grand Secretary Fang pointed at another rush cushion .

Feng Wu sat down opposite Grand Secretary Fang and smiled at him .

The old man had a sharp nose . One sniff and he recognized the smell of blood and herbs .

“Did Her Majesty the empress dowager torture you?”

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Grand Secretary Fang narrowed his eyes . He was angry .

Feng Wu waved her hands immediately . “No, Her Majesty had nothing to do with this . I was injured after I left the palace . ”

Grand Secretary Fang stared at her . “What happened?”

After everything they had been through together, Feng Wu now considered Grand Secretary Fang a trustworthy elder, and Grand Secretary Fang regarded Feng Wu as the finest youngster he knew .

In a casual tone, Feng Wu related what happened on her way back home .

Her nonchalant manner only made her narration more gripping .

“That’s outrageous!” Infuriated, Grand Secretary Fang smacked the floor . “How dare that Zuo Ming! How dare the Zuo family!”

By then, Grand Secretary Fang had figured everything out . “So, the Zuo family was the reason you lost your cultivation ability five years ago?”

Feng Wu snorted . “Zuo Qingluan was the last one to show up for the occasion . She destroyed my True Phoenix Blood, thinking that it would make her the only living person with True Phoenix Blood . ”

“That’s the last piece of the puzzle, then . ” Grand Secretary Fang’s face had turned livid .

He had asked around himself, and the information he received said that Feng Wu had crippled herself because she got greedy . Something then went wrong during her cultivation .

Grand Secretary Fang would have believed it if he hadn’t come to know Feng Wu personally . Once he got to know her better, he realized how smart and meticulous the girl was . What he had been told could only be a rumor!

He had had a speculation of his own that it had been the Zuo family’s doing . What Feng Wu just told him fit his theory perfectly .

“That Zuo Ming has gone too far!” Grand Secretary Fang was furious, which wasn’t like his usual self at all . “Zuo Qingluan destroyed your True Phoenix Blood, which resulted in the annulment of your engagement . She then took your place in Firmament Palace and became the goddess of that palace . Tch . ”

Grand Secretary Fang could only imagine how frustrated and helpless Feng Wu must have felt back then .

At that thought, he turned to look at Feng Wu .

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