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Chapter 977
977 Beautiful Master 2 He stared at Feng Wu in disbelief!

What had gotten into this stupid girl?!

Had she lost her mind?

Even with his injury, he still had the capability of a Level 8 or 9 Spiritual Grandmaster . This girl, on the other hand, was a Level 5 at most!

Yet, she had stopped defending herself and started to fight back with killing moves!

It just so happened that —

Every time she struck out, it was as if she had anticipated his next move, and she was able to block all his strikes!

Before long, the two of them had switched positions . Feng Wu was the one closing in on him and the dwarf became the one steadily losing ground!

How was that even possible?!

Guillotine Seven couldn’t for the life of him figure it out!

He was one of the top eight assassins of his organization, but he couldn’t even handle a Level 5 Spiritual Grandmaster now!

This couldn’t be right!

Seeing that the tide had turned, Guillotine Seven spun around, ready to escape .

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As the saying went: Where there was life, there was hope .

He would lose some money and get laughed at for a while if he dropped this case now, but if he stayed here, he might die!

Guillotine Seven turned to flee, but Feng Wu wasn’t going to give him that chance!

Her beautiful master seemed to be using Guillotine Seven as a training puppet for Feng Wu .

“Hit him in Jiaoxin .

“Tianchi .

“Laogong . ”

Feng Wu grew more courageous as she fought on, and she even forgot the fact that she was covered in blood herself .

She fought as if there was no tomorrow . It shattered Guillotine Seven’s confidence completely, and he began to question what he was doing here .


Feng Wu’s next strike aimed right for Guillotine Seven’s heart!

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Guillotine Seven stared in disbelief as Feng Wu’s Flaming Sword pierced his chest!

No —

Guillotine Seven couldn’t process this turn of events .

Feng Wu was so much weaker than him . Why…

Why was she able to fight so valiantly all of a sudden?!

She had gotten all excited!

As if someone was helping her!

Feng Wu twisted Flaming Sword in his chest .

“Hgh —”

Blood gushed out of Guillotine Seven’s mouth, and his face crumpled . In the end, he collapsed to the ground with a thump .

Feng Wu swayed .

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She was exhausted and her knees buckled . She fell to the ground .

The next second, her beautiful master was by her side .


Her master’s wide white sleeves covered her .

He was as elegant and graceful as ever .


Feng Wu cried and laughed at the same time, and she trembled with excitement .

Raising a bloodstained hand, she tried to touch his face .

However, her fingers went right through him .

It wasn’t his physical form, but only a shadow .

“Cough, cough —”

He coughed all of a sudden, and his fair cheeks flushed .

Cough — cough —

Feng Wu was flustered!

How could this happen?

Wasn’t her master in his spiritual form? Could he get sick in that state?

“Master? Master —” Feng Wu had never felt this anxious before . She tried to take her master’s hand, but all she could grab was empty air .

Feng Wu cried like a three-year-old .

Once the flush faded, her master’s face turned pale . He looked at Feng Wu affectionately with the most gentle smile on his face .

He was unbelievably stunning to begin with, and the smile only added to his beauty .

“You silly girl . I’m alright . ” He then sat down by a tree and let Feng Wu use his lap as her pillow . Lying on his knees, Feng Wu felt like a child again .

She only calmed down when his complexion returned to normal .

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