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Chapter 976
976 Beautiful Master 1 It broke Feng Wu’s heart to see her two pets trapped by the dwarf’s sword!

She rushed over to help them, forgetting about her own safety .


She was then trapped herself!

Guillotine Seven guffawed and said in a malicious voice, “You worthless girl, die!!!”

Feng Wu felt an excruciating pain after Guillotine Seven shouted out those words . The blade cut her skin open repeatedly, creating numerous wounds .

Most of Little Phoenix’s feathers and Feng Tutu’s fur were gone, and they were covered in cuts as well .

Was she going to die here today?

Feng Wu despaired when she realized how inferior she was compared with the dwarf .

She wondered from time to time how she would die, but getting assassinated hadn’t crossed her mind .

It seemed only like yesterday that she had returned to the imperial capital . She still had so many plans . She hadn’t finished collecting all the five broken star pieces to wake her master up, she hadn’t made Zuo Qingluan pay, she hadn’t…

There was so much that she hadn’t done yet…

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But was she going to die now?

Guillotine Seven charged out as he aimed his sword at Feng Wu’s forehead .

It drew closer . 1m, 50cm, 30cm, 10cm…

The tip of the blade was about to touch her forehead!

Even God himself wouldn’t be able to save her if the sword went through her head!

At that critical moment!

A quiet, genteel voice rang out in Feng Wu’s head .

“Hit him in the Tianjing vital point . ”

That voice…

It was unhurried, majestic, and… she knew who it belonged to!

Feng Wu turned around to see a shadow standing next to her .

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He wore a floaty white robe and he cut a dashing figure just by standing there .

His hands tucked in his wide sleeves, he looked so elegant that he reminded one of an unreachable snow mountain on the horizon .

Even in a critical moment like this, he was still perfectly composed . The look on his face was as mild as moonlight shining through the clouds, as if everything was under his control and nothing would ever shake him .


It was her beautiful master!

Her beautiful master dressed all in white had just appeared next to her like an immortal descending to earth!

Feng Wu burst into tears .

Instead of looking at Feng Wu, her master only observed Guillotine Seven .

Feng Wu understood right away!

Her master was going to teach her how to fight!

The moment her master showed up, Feng Wu felt that nothing in the world could stop her .

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The Tianjing vital point, was it?

The next second, Feng Wu moved swiftly with Phoenix Dance and twisted her body at an impossible angle . Then, she aimed her dagger at Guillotine Seven’s arm!

For Tianjing was on the arm .

Not many people in the Junwu Empire could identify vital points as accurately as Feng Wu .

That was it!


Caught off guard, Guillotine Seven was stabbed in the arm .


Guillotine Seven screamed in pain .

He couldn’t hear Mu Jiuzhou’s voice and was unaware of the instruction the latter had given Feng Wu . It had never crossed his mind that Feng Wu could actually fight back .

For a split second, Guillotine Seven almost dropped his sword .

Feng Wu grew much more confident after that successful strike .

Just because she was a whole cultivation stage inferior to him didn’t mean that she was bound to lose!

With her beautiful master’s help, she could do this!

Her beautiful master was the most incredible man on the whole continent!

Mu Jiuzhou casually stood there with eyes as calm as still water . He said quietly, “Use the 13th stance, Star and Moon, Flying Dragon…”

With her beautiful master’s help, Feng Wu was unstoppable!

She had forgotten all about her wounds and she was full of energy .

Her beautiful master was watching and she had to do her best .

Once Feng Wu switched from defense to attack, things turned south for Guillotine Seven .

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