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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:13:38 PM
Chapter 966
Chapter 966: His Royal Highness Is Holding a Girl (1)

Feng Wu was on tenterhooks . She was convinced that Jun Linyuan would throw her hands off, but to her surprise —

The crown prince didn’t react at all .

Good . He had given his tacit consent .

Feng Wu’s face lit up . That was promising .

She then began to press various pressure points on Jun Linyuan’s head, massaging all the way from his head and back down to his waist, legs, and the bottom of his feet… all the way down his body .

Two hours had passed by the time Feng Wu was done .

Jun Linyuan had fallen asleep during the process .

It made sense . Jun Linyuan was physically worn out, and Feng Wu’s massage had cleared up his energy channels . Sleep was good for him .

Asleep, he looked less intimidating and more like what a teenager his age should .

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His exquisite bone structure and deep-set features were almost too stunning to look at .

Feng Wu rose to her feet, but Jun Linyuan grabbed a corner of her clothes like a spoiled child .

“You came back voluntarily; you’re not going anywhere now!” Jun Linyuan grunted and wouldn’t let go of Feng Wu no matter what .

He had been pretending to sleep!

“Nature calls . ” Feng Wu quickly came up with an excuse . However, Jun Linyuan bolted upright in bed the next moment .

“What are you doing?” Feng Wu stepped back involuntarily, but before she knew it, Jun Linyuan had picked her up in both arms .

“Y- you —” Feng Wu was nonplussed .

She had never been picked up like this, not once in both her lifetimes!

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“Where are you taking me?” Feng Wu panicked a little and began to pound on his muscular shoulder .

Someone could walk through that door at any moment, and the empress dowager would be furious if she knew that her precious grandson, who had narrowly escaped death, was carrying a girl in his arms!

However, regardless of how narrowly he had escaped death, Jun Linyuan still had more than enough strength to handle a struggling Feng Wu .

Crash —

Still carrying Feng Wu, Jun Linyuan kicked the door .

It swung open .

Outside, the empress dowager and Lady Northern Feng were here to visit Jun Linyuan, and this was what they saw .

Feng Wu: !!!

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Her worst fear had just come true . The empress dowager was the last person Feng Wu wanted to see her like this, and there she was… Could the day get any worse?

Feng Wu hardly ever lost her composure, but she was blushing so hard now that even her hands were pink .

This was so embarrassing…

The empress dowager stood there dazed as she watched in disbelief!

Her Baby Jun who was supposed to have zero interest in women… Not only wasn’t he interested, he would feel nauseated if women got too close…

But that same boy was now willingly carrying a girl in his arms!


The empress dowager felt as if thunderclaps were going off in her head . She couldn’t look away, and pointed at Feng Wu with a trembling finger .

Feng Wu had turned scarlet red in the face . Glaring at Jun Linyuan, she whispered, “Put me down! Now!”

Your grandmother looks like she’s going to have a stroke!

However, the crown prince ignored her and maintained his inflexible course . He marched on, still holding Feng Wu .

Feng Wu was flustered . The empress dowager was trying to kill her with her eyes!

Reaching out, she pinched Jun Linyuan’s waist!

But Jun Linyuan’s muscles were simply too hard, and Feng Wu felt as if she were pinching a piece of iron!

“Put me down now or I’ll never talk to you again!” Feng Wu whispered through gritted teeth!

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