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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:13:44 PM
Chapter 965
Chapter 965: Your Royal Highness… Be Civil (3)

Feng Wu could feel the intense gaze on her back, which gave her the creeps .

“No one ever lies to me,” Jun Linyuan said in a bone-chillingly calm voice . “Those who have are already dead!”

Feng Wu gritted her teeth . For a moment there, she wanted to tell Jun Linyuan that she was the one who had stolen that Immortal Spiritual Fruit . But… she still wanted to live . She would keep that secret for as long as she could .

Holding the broken star piece in her hand, Feng Wu quickly walked toward the door .

She opened the door —

And was met by two royal guards outside .

They stopped Feng Wu as soon as she tried to set foot outside .

“By Her Majesty the empress dowager’s edict, Miss Feng, you’re not allowed to leave Cining Palace . ”

Feng Wu said, “His Royal Highness is fine now . I need to go home . ”

However, the two guards wouldn’t budge .

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With no other choice, Feng Wu started to fight her way out .

But —

The two guards were way more capable than she was, and she was defeated at the first blow .

Feng Wu: !!!

“Take me to Her Majesty . I’ll talk to her myself . ” Feng Wu pouted .

But the two guards only stood straight like statues and told her “no . ”

“When can I leave, then?!”

“I’m afraid you’ll have to ask His Royal Highness, Miss Feng . ”

The guards shoved Feng Wu back into the room and closed the door from outside .

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Feng Wu was speechless .

Where had these two guards come from, anyway? They were as powerful as they were stubborn!

Feng Wu was almost thrown off balance . She had no choice but to go back in after she regained her balance .

She could only leave with Jun Linyuan’s permission… She wondered how everyone was doing back home or if her uncle was giving her mother a hard time again . She was so worried .

She quickly went back in .

Feng Wu slowed down the closer she got to Jun Linyuan’s bed .

She had been so determined to leave that it was embarrassing for her to ask him for a favor now . On second thought, however, Feng Wu realized that this wouldn’t be the first time she had given in to Jun Linyuan . Doing it one more time wouldn’t make much of a difference .

Hence, Feng Wu bit her lower lip, went up to the bed, and crouched down . She then looked up at Jun Linyuan .

The arrogant teenager’s face was emotionless . He looked away .

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Feng Wu rose to her feet, went to the other side of the bed, crouched down, and looked up at him again .

Jun Linyuan snorted, then turned his head away again .

So, he was really mad…

Feng Wu scratched her head . What could she do to cheer him up now?

“Your Royal Highness… are you hungry? I can make you something to eat .

“Your Royal Highness… are you still not feeling well? Shall I give you a nice massage?

“Your Royal Highness… are you really mad at me?”

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Feng Wu gingerly studied Jun Linyuan’s face .

Jun Linyuan threw a dirty look at her . “I thought you left . ”

Feng Wu pouted . “I couldn’t . So I came back . ”

Jun Linyuan stared at the girl . Couldn’t she tell that he was mad?

“Jun Linyuan… can you write me an edict?” Feng Wu pleaded with her eyes .

The crown prince lay down and turned his back to Feng Wu .

Feng Wu bit her lower lip . So, talking nicely wouldn’t work on him now . What now?

Did she have to stay here in Cining Palace?

No way!

Staring at Jun Linyuan’s back, Feng Wu reached out before she realized what she was doing . She began to give Jun Linyuan a head massage, and instantly, the guy stiffened!

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