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Chapter 967
Chapter 967: His Royal Highness Is Holding a Girl (2)

That threat actually worked . Jun Linyuan darted an arrogant look at Feng Wu before putting her down .

She was barely back on her feet when the empress dowager, who had finally come back to herself, rushed over to Jun Linyuan’s side . “Baby Jun, how are you doing? Are you breathing alright? How do you feel? Are you in any pain?”

The old lady couldn’t stop worrying!

Her Baby Jun had just escaped death and he was covered in wounds . He had to be in so much pain! But that girl had let him carry her? Damn her!

At that thought, the empress dowager glared at Feng Wu with eyes that could spit fire! What a tart!

Feng Wu sighed inwardly .

She didn’t ask for this, okay? Jun Linyuan simply did what he wanted; she couldn’t control the guy .

Jun Linyuan glanced at her at that moment . “Shouldn’t you be somewhere?”

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Feng Wu rubbed her head . He was right . She had made an excuse about going to the toilet so that she could use the chance to flee .

However, Jun Linyuan gave an order . “Granny Tao, take her to the lavatory . ”

The lavatory?

Hearing that, everyone looked at Feng Wu strangely .

Feng Wu was so embarrassed she wished the ground would open up and swallow her now .

You just don’t talk about going to the toilet in front of everyone! Feng Wu screamed in her head .

Seeing the awkward and frustrated look on Feng Wu’s face, Granny Tao chuckled inwardly, but she was unperturbed and polite when she said, “Miss Feng, please come with me . ”

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Granny Tao was an influential figure in Cining Palace and the empress dowager’s most trusted maid . She could speak to Feng Wu like an equal .

She waited outside after showing Feng Wu to the lavatory .

Granny Tao pondered the situation in amazement while she waited . She had never seen the crown prince like this .

Everyone saw the crown prince as an indifferent figure . He never said any unnecessary words, and when he spoke, it was either an order or a verdict . He had never paid attention to petty things like this before .

But now, after he was severely injured, not only wouldn’t he allow Miss Feng Wu to leave his side, he even tried to carry her to the toilet…

Granny Tao was anything but foolish . To be able to rise to her current station was proof enough of her intelligence .

She could see things much more clearly than a lot of people .

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Inside the lavatory, Feng Wu shook her head in embarrassment .

That Jun Linyuan was outrageous! How was she going to face the others now?!

But she couldn’t hide here forever . She would have to go back out eventually .

Meanwhile, the empress dowager was questioning Jun Linyuan . “What’s wrong with you? Don’t you have any idea what condition you’re in? Why did you have to carry that girl? She’s not an invalid . She can walk on her own!”

In a word, the empress dowager doted on her grandson, and she had no intention to hide her bias .

Standing there, Jun Linyuan reminded one of a spectacular sculpture with his exquisite features and deep-set eyes . His beauty was breathtaking .

He snorted arrogantly .

The empress dowager poked his forehead with a finger affectionately . “If you really like that girl, make her a maid in your bedchamber . You don’t have to do all that . ”

Lady Northern Feng stared at the old lady . “Your Majesty…”

The crown prince was a formidable figure alright, but Feng Wu wasn’t just some random common girl . She had once been a genius, and she had just gotten that ability back! What the empress dowager was saying was pure humiliation!

The empress dowager realized how insulting her suggestion was, but she went on stubbornly . “Fine, not a maid in the bedchamber . An official concubine, then . ”

Lady Northern Feng frowned . Feng Wu wouldn’t say yes to that either .

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