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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:13:51 PM
Chapter 964
Chapter 964: Your Royal Highness… Be Civil (2)

“Alright, alright…” Feng Wu threw her hands up in the air . “I have spiritual essence now and I shouldn’t have kept it from you . I’m sorry, I really am . ”

Jun Linyuan kept glaring at Feng Wu with a ferocious look in his eyes .

Feng Wu could tell that the guy was mad, and she didn’t blame him . She would be mad, too, if she were the one who had been kept in the dark .

However, over the past few months, Feng Wu had gained some experience in placating Jun Linyuan .

She wasn’t in a rush to leave anymore, for she had to straighten things out with him . Otherwise, she would be in more trouble if he learned it from someone else .

Sitting down on the bed, Feng Wu tugged at Jun Linyuan’s sleeve and said in a pitiful voice, “I didn’t mean to, I promise . It’s just… the people who did those things to me five years ago are still watching me now . If I exposed myself too early, they would be alarmed and I could have been killed . Right?”

Jun Linyuan’s eyes flickered and he looked even angrier .

Feng Wu sighed inwardly .

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So, she went on . “Look, my secret was exposed only because I was trying to save you, and now, the whole world knows about it…”

“And that’s why you decided to tell me now?”

Instead of being soothed by those words, Jun Linyuan turned into a ferocious beast with glinting eyes!

Oh, no…

“So, you’re only telling me now because the whole world knows about it . ”

Oh, no…

Feng Wu wanted to slap herself . She shouldn’t have put it that way, even if she had been telling the truth .

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Seeing that Jun Linyuan was going to flare up again, Feng Wu took his hands and laughed awkwardly . “O- of course not! I’ve been meaning to tell you, but never got the chance!

“By the way, when did you find out about my cultivation ability? Were you aware when we fell over that cliff?” Feng Wu asked curiously .

The crown prince stared at Feng Wu . “Keep talking . ”

About what? Feng Wu’s heart was pounding . Had Jun Linyuan connected the recovery of her cultivation to the loss of his Immortal Spiritual Fruit?

Feng Wu made a sour face . He would probably kill her if she confessed that to him!

“You don’t want to tell me?” Jun Linyuan gave her a crooked smile, which made her stomach turn . “Fine . ”

Should she tell him or not…

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Feng Wu cringed when she saw the frightening look on Jun Linyuan’s face and she blurted out, “I have nothing else to tell you! No more secrets!”

“Little Feng Wu, you had your chance . ” Jun Linyuan narrowed his eyes .

Since Feng Wu had made up her mind, she decided to stick to it . “I’m telling the truth! I have nothing else to say!”

Jun Linyuan smirked .

Leaning back, he darted a knowing look at Feng Wu, which seemed to tell her that he knew everything .

Feng Wu’s heart sank…

She opened her mouth involuntarily, but something landed on her lap before she could speak .

Feng Wu was over the moon when she saw what it was .

The broken star piece!

She looked up at Jun Linyuan and cried out with joy . “My broken star piece!”

Finally, he had given it to her!

Jun Linyuan snorted . “Get out of my sight . ”

That wasn’t very polite .

Biting her lip, Feng Wu gave Jun Linyuan another look before turning to leave .

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