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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:13:57 PM
Chapter 963
Chapter 963: Your Royal Highness… Be Civil (1)

Inside .

Once the empress dowager and her son were gone, Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan were all by themselves .

Feng Wu stared at Jun Linyuan .

But the crown prince merely lay very still on the bed .

Feng Wu smiled a little .

Even Master Chu had noticed it, so how could she not? Jun Linyuan had done it on purpose .

She kept her gaze on Jun Linyuan’s face . “How long are you going to keep doing this?”

Jun Linyuan slowly opened his eyes .

His brooding eyes looked like bottomless pits, and they reminded Feng Wu of the coldest ice . He met Feng Wu’s gaze and didn’t look disturbed at all .

However, he still wouldn’t release her hand .

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Feng Wu stared at him . “Let go . ”

There was something intimidating about the look in Jun Linyuan’s eyes . The teenager still struck one as the most influential figure in the empire, even when he was bedridden .

Feng Wu lowered her voice . “Jun Linyuan, can you let go of my hand now?”

Jun Linyuan wanted to tell her that he would never let go of her, but when he actually spoke, his tone was contemptuous . “Do you seriously think I want to hold your hand?”

Recalling the rumors going around about her, Feng Wu was vexed . She wouldn’t have to endure all the gossip if she hadn’t been trying to save Jun Linyuan .

The rumors didn’t bother her, but she couldn’t stand it when her family was affected .

What frustrated Feng Wu more was that her secret had been exposed in the process of saving Jun Linyuan… Would Jun Linyuan suspect her of stealing that Immortal Spiritual Fruit when he learned that she had recovered her ability?

Feng Wu scratched her head at that thought in vexation .

She turned to leave .

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But an arrogant voice rang out behind her . “Take another step . I dare you . ”

His tone was full of threat .

She had always considered the teenager as someone who was thirsty for blood . Nothing good would come out of setting him off now .

Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu turned around and looked Jun Linyuan in the eye . “What do you need me here for? My family needs me urgently now . My mum passed out earlier and I don’t know how she’s doing . I have to go back to her . ”

Her bright eyes had a worried look in them .

She had to leave this place .

However, what Jun Linyuan said next made her stomach lurch .

“So, you have nothing to explain to me . ” Slouching in bed, the crown prince stared at her with a threatening look on his face .

“What’s there to explain?” Feng Wu fidgeted, but still fought to keep her voice steady .

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“You tell me . ” With a wave of his hand, she stumbled, almost losing her balance .

Thump, thump, thump —

She eventually tripped over her feet and fell into his arms .

Looking up, she saw the dangerous look in his eyes .

He kept staring at her with a taunting smile on his face, and his black eyes seemed to glow red . Caressing the tender skin on the girl’s neck with his calloused fingertips, he gave off such an intimidating air!

Feng Wu’s heart sank .


He knew…

But she didn’t know how much he had figured out yet…

Biting her lower lip, Feng Wu squeezed out a smile . “Y- Your Royal Highness… Let’s talk like civilized people, shall we?”

Putting her hands over Jun Linyuan’s, Feng Wu tried to free her neck from his grip .

“Your explanation!” Jun Linyuan glared at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu cringed . “What do you want to know?”

Jun Linyuan didn’t reply, but the look in his eyes grew more dangerous .

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