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Chapter 961
Chapter 961: Won’t Let Go (2)

The empress dowager ignored her . Walking past Feng Wu, she sat down by the bed and looked affectionately at Jun Linyuan .

“Is the crown prince alright or not?” the empress dowager asked Feng Wu as she kept her gaze on Jun Linyuan .

Feng Wu nodded . “His Royal Highness’s condition isn’t too severe . He’ll recover after a few days of rest . ”

The empress dowager snorted .

Feng Wu said, “Your Majesty, do I have your permission to withdraw?”

Since the crown prince wasn’t in any danger, Feng Wu had just become redundant . The empress dowager threw a dirty look at Feng Wu . “You can leave now . ”

She didn’t want this girl around .

Feng Wu nodded and turned to leave .

The empress dowager had spoken, and Feng Wu thought that Jun Linyuan would let her go now .

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But she almost tripped as soon as she moved .

Because Jun Linyuan still wouldn’t let go of her sleeve!

Feng Wu tugged with all her might, dragging Jun Linyuan with her .

The empress dowager flared up .

Baby Jun was the apple of her eye . How could this girl treat him so carelessly?

“Stop it!” The empress dowager cast a stern look at Feng Wu . “You don’t behave like a girl at all! Granny Tao, scissors!”

What really displeased the empress dowager was…

That reluctant look on Feng Wu’s face . What was that about?

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She looked as if the crown prince was the one that wouldn’t let her go .

The empress dowager glared at Feng Wu . “Don’t overthink it! The crown prince will never be in love with you and you don’t have to give me that innocent look!”

Feng Wu sighed . “Your Majesty, that’s not what I meant . ”

Just then, Granny Tao came back with a pair of scissors . She was going to use it when the empress dowager snatched it away .

“I’ll do it myself!” The empress dowager held the scissors while Granny Tao stretched out Feng Wu’s sleeve . With one move, part of Feng Wu’s sleeve was cut off .

The empress dowager smirked . “There you go . It’s nothing complicated . You can go now . From now on —”

However, before she could finish —

The crown prince, who had been sleeping peacefully on the bed, stirred, and his face turned scarlet red .

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Spotting this, Granny Tao cried out in surprise . “What’s happening to His Royal Highness?”

The empress dowager looked at Jun Linyuan .

She saw that his face was flushed from his rising temperature!

She touched Jun Linyuan’s forehead and there was a sizzling sound —

It sounded like meat grilling .

The empress dowager cried out at the scorching heat and she jumped to her feet . “What’s happening to the crown prince? What’s going on?!”

The temperature was so high that it could burn a man to a crisp . How could he stand it?

“Master Chu! Master Chu!” The empress dowager yelled toward the door .

Master Chu rushed into the room and was astonished when he saw Jun Linyuan’s face . He asked the empress dowager, “Your Majesty, did you tell Feng Wu off?”

The empress dowager didn’t understand the implication in the question . She only urged Master Chu, “Come over here! He’s ill again! Do something!”

Master Chu knew what was going on as soon as he checked Jun Linyuan’s pulse .

He couldn’t say it out loud, and could only smile bitterly in his heart . He said, “I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do . Your Majesty, we need Miss Feng here . ”

The empress dowager looked astonished .

She glared at Master Chu, who smiled bitterly at her . “Your Majesty, Miss Feng Wu is the only one that can help His Royal Highness . ”

What choice did the empress dowager have?

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