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Chapter 962
Chapter 962: Won’t Let Go (3)

However, the old lady had just excoriated Feng Wu . She was so reluctant to ask Feng Wu to treat her grandson again .

Was the empress dowager the type to apologize for what she said? Never .

Hence, she glared at Feng Wu . “Did you not hear him? Do your job!”

Feng Wu wanted to retort, but —

Emperor Wu turned to her . “Go treat the crown prince now . You’ll be generously rewarded afterward . ”

Feng Wu was lost for words .

Both the emperor and the empress dowager were colossal figures . Compared with them, she was as powerless as an ant . What other choice did she have, except to obey?

She couldn’t even let her reluctance show on her face .

“Of course . ” Feng Wu went up to Jun Linyuan and activated the green light again . Soon, Jun Linyuan’s temperature was back to normal, but this time, he grabbed Feng Wu’s hand .

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Feng Wu: !!!

She pulled with all her strength, but couldn’t draw her hand back .

The empress dowager watched in disbelief .

She could cut off as many sleeves as she wanted, but she couldn’t do that to Feng Wu’s hand .

Feng Wu turned to Emperor Wu and the empress dowager with a pleading look in her eyes .

Emperor Wu waved her off . “Little Feng Wu, it’ll be a while before the crown prince recovers from his critical condition . Stay here and look after him . ”

Feng Wu didn’t like the sound of that at all .

She needed to go back home to her mother now, and there was so much more that she needed to take care of . After that row she had with Feng Yanfeng, who knew what that man would do?

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“But my family…”

“Don’t worry . After what you did for the crown prince, the empress dowager will raise your mother’s status to a first rank Dame . No one will dare offend her again . Your top priority now is to take good care of the crown prince . ”

Patting Feng Wu on the shoulder, Emperor Wu sighed with relief, then left the room .

The empress dowager, on the other hand, glared at Feng Wu .

What was with that look on her face? She wouldn’t let that girl stay if she had a choice!


The old lady flipped her sleeves and stormed out of the room .

The empress dowager began to complain to Emperor Wu as soon as they were out of the room . “What’s with that look on her face?! She was so reluctant! Does she not want to be around the crown prince? What is she thinking? She’s in no position to dislike a boy as brilliant as my grandson!”

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The empress dowager hated it when girls wouldn’t leave the crown prince alone, but she couldn’t stand it when they weren’t in love with the teenager either .

Taking his mother’s arm, Emperor Wu slowly led her away . “Mother, I thought you didn’t like the idea of them as a couple . If that’s the case, you should be relieved to see that Feng Wu isn’t in love with him . ”

The empress dowager rolled her eyes at her son . “That’s not how it works!”

Emperor Wu asked, “How so?”

The old lady snorted . “It’s only natural that Baby Jun doesn’t like her, but I don’t like the fact that she’s not in love with him!”

Emperor Wu gave her a wry smile . “Mother, isn’t that a bit… unreasonable?”

The empress dowager scowled . “No, it’s not . Of course she should be in love with him!”

Emperor Wu rubbed his nose and shook his head in resignation .

An idea struck him all of a sudden . “Mother, I have an idea . Little Feng Wu actually has turned out to be an ideal choice for Jun Linyuan . She’s a great doctor, she’s pretty, smart, and she has her cultivation ability back…”

His mother glared at him . “What are you getting at?!”

Emperor Wu said, “Well, a beautiful, smart, and talented girl is hard to come by, not to mention someone as exceptional as Feng Wu . I think we should let them have a go . ”

“No!” The empress dowager rejected it outright .

“But why?”

The old lady said, “I don’t care how exceptional she is . She doesn’t care for the crown prince at all, and for that reason alone, I won’t allow her to marry him!”

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