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Chapter 960
Chapter 960: Won’t Let Go (1)

To Master Chu’s bewilderment —

He had used needles in the same acupoints as Feng Wu, and even the treatment methods they used were identical, but why…

The crown prince fought against him when he was the doctor, but after Feng Wu got here, the teenager’s pulse settled right away .

Master Chu frowned . He couldn’t think of any explanation for that .

Feng Wu was very efficient . She finished treating Jun Linyuan in less than fifteen minutes, then looked up at Master Chu .

Master Chu was astonished!

The crown prince had really calmed down and the toxin seemed to have been neutralized .

At that moment, Master Chu doubted his own medical skills .

Was Feng Wu so much better than he was?

Feng Wu then moved toward the door, but Master Chu called out from behind . “Was that treatment Flying Cloud Needles?”

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Feng Wu nodded . “That’s right . ”

“That’s a Level 1 skill, isn’t it?”

Feng Wu nodded . “That’s right . ”

Master Chu was speechless . He had used the same treatment method, but why had Feng Wu’s worked and not his? Master Chu found that unfair .

Feng Wu was ready to leave, when she realized that she couldn’t move . Turning around, she saw that Jun Linyuan had grabbed the lower hem of her clothes .

She frowned, then tried to pry his hand open .

However, the crown prince’s grip was so tight that his knuckles had turned white . He simply wouldn’t budge .

“Jun Linyuan?”

Feng Wu tried to wake Jun Linyuan up, but he showed no sign of loosening his grip .

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“Jun Linyuan, let go of me!”

But he wouldn’t .

Master Chu was watching the whole time…

If he was confused at first, he understood everything when he saw this…

Finally, he understood why he wasn’t able to treat the crown prince, but Feng Wu could suppress the toxin as soon as she arrived .

It wasn’t about the right treatment, but the right person .

Master Chu shook his head . Youngsters nowadays were difficult to understand .

Realizing that the crown prince didn’t need him here now, Master Chu moved toward the door .

The door creaked when he opened it .

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Outside, the empress dowager was waiting anxiously, and she went up to Master Chu in a hurry .

“Master Chu, how’s the crown prince now?”

Master Chu smiled and let out a breath of relief . “His Royal Highness’s condition improved as soon as Miss Feng Wu showed up . ”

It was meant to be a pun, but the empress dowager didn’t catch it .

“Is he cured? Is he alright?” The empress dowager finally relaxed a little .

“For now . ” Master Chu rubbed his nose .

If Miss Feng Wu had been here all along, the toxin would never have come back .

That explained everything . The crown prince was too powerful to be harmed by that amount of toxin . The idea alone was absurd .

Seeing the strange look on Master Chu’s face, the empress dowager was puzzled . “What do you mean by ‘for now’? Is he not cured?”

With those words, the empress dowager went into the room in a hurry .

The door opened —

And the empress dowager saw Feng Wu raise her hand .

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Thinking that Feng Wu wanted to hit Jun Linyuan, the empress dowager was furious . She rushed over and shoved Feng Wu . “Feng Wu! How dare you hit him! I’m going to kill you!”

Feng Wu was aggrieved .

She wasn’t going to hit him, but was only trying to pry his hand open . She wanted to go home now .

“Your Majesty, it’s a misunderstanding…”

However, before Feng Wu could explain —

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