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Chapter 96: Did You Guys Come To Make A Business Transaction?

"Does Young Prince Feng have something to say?" City Lord Bi smilingly said. "Young Prince Feng is the go-between and can't be left out from drinking this cup of wedding wine, ha haha——"

Feng Xun looked at City Lord Bi as if he was looking at an idiot. He originally thought this man wasn't foolish, yet he didn't expect that the man truly was an idiot after all, a huge dumbass.

"This cup of wedding wine, hah, won't be drinkable, I think." Feng Wu smiled but wasn't smiling.

City Lord Bi and Feng Yi Ran spoke in unison. "Can it be that Young Prince Feng, all of you are planning to return to the capital?"

Feng Xun glanced at Jun Lin Yuan, even though there's not much change in his expression, however, people who truly understood Jun Lin Yuan all knew that his current mood was not very good. Also, when His Highness the Crown Prince's mood wasn't good, he liked to kill.

"Return to the capital?" Feng Xun touched his mouth and glanced at Feng Wu. In light of this meal, he was currently reluctant to leave the Northern Territories.

"Of course?" Feng Yi Ran asked inquisitively.

To a young prince like Feng Xun, merely a single sentence from him was enough to block this matter. However, he didn't plan on blocking this matter at all, because……why would he help this dishonest young girl? He won't do the work if he's not going to gain anything from it.

Feng Xun complacently shot a glance at Feng Wu. Currently, the one who'd encountered trouble was little Feng Wu, it had nothing to do with him. That's why he was planning on being an onlooker sitting on the wall. He's going to see if this girl was still the bright, farsighted girl she was five years ago, able to move unobstructed through obstacles.

However, right at this time, Feng Wu's hand grabbed onto Feng Xun and pulled him to one side.

"What're you doing? A gentleman uses his mouth and not his fist, don't pull and tug at me, you'll tarnish my innocence!" Feng Xun earnestly glared at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu stared at Feng Xun as if she's looking at a mental case then lowered her voice. "Help me settle this matter."

Seeing that Feng Wu had begged him, he became pleased with himself at once as he proudly raised his chin like an elder. "In any case, the one forced into marriage isn't me, what relation do I have with you that I should help you?"

Feng Wu's expression was tranquil and calm. "Let's make a business deal?"

Feng Xun was curious. "What kind of business deal?"

"Don't you like eating these savory, hot and numbing, delicious food a lot?"

Feng Xun stomped his feet. "Who likes to eat? ! Don't you accuse me wrongly!"

"Woah, then in the future, I'll never cook for you again."

Feng Xun was angered. "You dare!"

Feng Wu raised her eyebrows, her hands on her hips, and glared at him fiercely. "Watch and see if I dare or not."

"You you you……this girl, you, how could you be this crude!" Feng Xun glared at Feng Wu. "This crude, fiery temperament of yours, blockhead beauty? Tut tut, you truly can act!"

Feng Wu's mood wasn't the least bit good as she glared at Feng Xun. She didn't have time to pick a fight with him and spoke directly. "Once you help me settle this matter, I'll cook for you a meal of fragrant, hot and numbing cuisine, an entire table full of dishes, all yours, only yours!"

Once Feng Xun heard this, his eyes shined like stars, fiercely wiping away saliva, he almost agreed right away!

But he shook his head in a customary manner. "One meal? How's that enough? Three meals!"

"Two, that's it, no more, if you don't agree then I'll just take care of the matter myself——" After she spoke, Feng Wu was going to go.

"Hey, hold on!" Feng Xun pushed Feng Wu behind him. With both hands on his hips, he arrogantly walked forward. "The two of you, what did you say a moment ago?"

Feng Yi Ran and City Lord Bi looked at each other. Just now, don't know what Feng Wu and the young prince were muttering about in the corner. Could it be that Feng Wu employed some kind of crafty scheme?

"A moment ago, we were discussing Feng Wu and Bi Liang Dong's marriage……" Feng Liu hurriedly spoke as she smiled.

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