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Chapter 97: Spoke Five Words

"How's there a marriage between Feng Wu and Bi Dong Liang?" Feng Xun frowned. "How come I don't know about it?"

"Didn't we just……"

Feng Yi Ran still wanted to speak, but Feng Xun immediately glared at City Lord Bi. "What now, are you planning to fight over a person with me, Feng Xun, and even bringing it up like that?"

City Lord Bi blanked out… fight over a person? Why were these words spoken?

"Young Prince……how can this be called fighting over a person? Can it be that Young Prince, you want to marry……Miss Fifth Feng?" City Lord Bi shivered inside as nervousness appeared in his eyes.

Feng Yi Ran's gaze rigidly stared at Feng Xun! This Feng Wu unexpectedly still had such good fortune? !

Feng Liu and Fairy Mu Yao also glared at Feng Wu extremely enviously! How did such good fortune come to her? !

Jun Lin Yuan's pair of profoundly deep eyes also stared at Feng Xun, the depths of his eyes were deep and unfathomable……

Once Feng Xun heard that, he shivered from head to toe. "What the hell? Me, marry her? Are your eyes lame!"

City Lord Bi immediately became bewildered. "Then……"

Feng Xun placed his right hand on Feng Wu's shoulder as he arrogantly raised his chin and declared complacently. "Little Feng Wu is my, Second Feng's exclusive lady chef, no one's allowed to approach her. You, City Lord Bi wants to take her as your daughter-in-law? Have you asked for my opinion, yet?"

City Lord Bi. "……"

Everybody. "……"

No one at the scene anticipated that Feng Xun would step up. Even more so, they didn't anticipate his intense, protective attitude towards Feng Wu.

Feng Yi Ran smiled bitterly as he responded. "Young Prince, don't joke around, whether good or bad, Feng Wu is our Feng clan's fifth young lady. How does it make sense for her to be someone's kitchen lady? This marriage is one that our Feng clan and Bi family mutually consented upon. It's a done deal."

Feng Xun laughed coldly. "Your Feng clan's consent? Have you asked for young Feng Wu's opinion?"

"My Elder Sister doesn't agree! My Elder Sister definitely doesn't want to get married with the city lord's retarded son! He's an imbecile! A retard! An idiot who only knows how to drool!" Little Seventh Feng yelled loudly!

Everyone at the scene, without exception. "……"

Even though everybody knew about the city lord's retarded son, nobody exposed it. Now that the matter's exposed by little Seventh Feng's speech, it's practically impossible to continue pretending.

Feng Wu still hadn't spoken yet when Feng Yi Ran responded. "Even though Master Bi's intelligence is a bit flawed, everything else about him is still quite good."

So it turned out that you, Feng Yi Ran, also knew that there was a problem with Bi Liang Dong's brain?

Feng Yi Ran laughed again as he said. "Actually, right now, Little Wu, she is also a cripple who can no longer cultivate. Speaking of which, this is also equivalent to a deformity. Therefore, her current value is also only based on her good looking face. It's already her enormous good fortune that she can marry into the Bi family. How can she not agree to it?"

Feng Wu still hadn't spoken when Feng Yi Ran waved his hand to say. "What's more, the Eldest Brother is akin to a father, since Second Uncle is no longer alive, the matter of her marriage can be decided by me, this eldest brother of hers. It's not necessary to ask for her opinion.

Feng Wu. "……"

Feng Xun was stunned upon hearing that. He didn't expect that the Feng Yi Ran who normally flattered and curried favor with him surprisingly could have such an overbearing attitude when facing Feng Wu. This simply put a person……in a bad mood!

"If I insist on opposing this, then?" Feng Xun laughed coldly.

"Young Prince, don't joke around……" Feng Yi Ran laughed bitterly.

"I'm not joking with you, I, Feng Xun, am against this, completely against this, using my life to oppose this! You figure it out for yourself!"

Feng Xun pulled out a chair 'bang', placed it in front of Feng Yi Ran, and smoothly and steadily sat down. He crossed his legs with an expression of 'do as you see fit'.

City Lord Bi took measure of Jun Lin Yuan's expression for a bit……as far as he was concerned, what he care most about was Jun Lin Yuan's attitude.

"Your Highness Crown Prince……the young prince, like this……" City Lord Bi attempted to prompt Jun Lin Yuan to stand out and dissuade Feng Xun.

However, Jun Lin Yuan's pair of beautiful, sword shaped brows jumped, his bearing aloof and looking down at others from on high as he very arrogantly shot a glance at City Lord Bi while indifferently speaking five words.

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