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Chapter 95: Congratulations Elder Sister, Good Tidings To You, Elder Sister

So, what do you think of Feng Wu?

Once Feng Xun's words left his mouth, immediately, everybody stared at him with a shocked gaze!

Jun Lin Yuan's eyes even darkened somewhat!

The City Lord's eyes clearly shined!

Indeed, this time he came in order to obtain Jun Lin Yuan's agreement, as long as Jun Lin Yuan didn't care about Feng Wu, then he'd have his son marry this pretty girl and bring her home.

Once Feng Yi Ran heard this, he thought this was a good thing!

Northern Territory City was the Feng clan's last haven. In those days, the Feng clan indeed started out from here. That's why the Feng clan had always wanted to form an alliance with the city lord of Northern Territories City.

Feng Yi Ran's goal in coming back this time was precisely to form a relationship with this City Lord.

Immediately, Feng Yi Ran put on a smile. "Little Wu? Did the young prince push Little Wu and the City Lord family's Young one into a marriage? There's truly no need to say anything else. When combining the names of the two of them, it becomes 'Marvelous Dance Moves' (Wu Dong Qi Ji). This is such a good omen!"

Feng Liu originally quite loathed Feng Wu, jealous and fearful of Feng Wu. Of course she knew the City Lord Bi family's retarded son, that's why her eyes immediately shined. "Bi Liang Dong, I've also heard of this name. Reportedly, he looked like a model genius, incomparably bright and handsome, oh my, Fifth Elder Sister, really, congratulations to you."

With this one sentence, she directly turned Feng Wu's marriage into a reality.

City Lord Bi originally was still a bit worried at heart, after all, Feng Wu was someone whom Jun Lin Yuan rejected. If his heart still held some feelings then wouldn't the whole matter be ruined? Therefore, he discreetly observed Jun Lin Yuan.

This grandpa like crown prince was cold, strict, and unapproachable, aloof and mysterious. In fact, one can't discern any other state of mind from him……

Feng Xun had always been Jun Lin Yuan's spokesperson, since he said that, then that meant that Jun Lin Yuan didn't care about this matter at all!

Thinking up to this point, City Lord Bi smiled at once and responded. "It would seem that everyone looks quite favorably upon this marriage?"

"That's of course!" Feng Yi Ran scrambled to say. "This is a huge happy occasion! Don't tell me that there's still someone who's opposed to this, is that possible? A planned date can not compare to a fortuitous date. How about we make today the day to write the marriage contract?"

Jun Lin Yuan's eyes were deeply hidden, so deep, the depths could not be seen.

City Lord Bi burst into laughter. "Won't this be a bit too rushed? Is it not necessary to return to the capital and ask your old father about it, or ask the clan elders?"

The current chief of the Feng clan was Feng Wu's father's elder brother, uncle Feng Huan Yu, who is also Feng Yi Ran's father.

Feng Yi Ran and City Lord Bi had their arms around each other's shoulders, smiling from ear to ear. "Not an issue, not an issue, I'm the eldest brother. This is the so-called eldest brother takes father's place*. As the older brother, I can indeed be in charge of this marriage. Moreover, today, even His Highness the Crown Prince is here. I invite Crown Prince Jun to sign as the witness. This matter will become a somewhat glorious matter, right?"

(TN: In Chinese culture, the eldest brother can take a father's place when father isn't around. Furthermore, during ancient times, marriage was often determined by the parents. In addition, the emperor had the highest authority in bestowing marriages.)

Once City Lord Bi heard this, he immediately became elated!

These words from Feng Yi Ran were simply too agreeable with his intentions!

As long as Jun Lin Yuan signed his name as the witness, then what else was there to worry about? Thinking about how his own retarded son had been lovesick ever since he saw Feng Wu once before, City Lord Bi wished that he could push Feng Wu into marriage immediately.

"That's great, that's great, congratulations Elder Sister, good tidings to you, Elder Sister——" Feng Liu grabbed Feng Wu's hand. It was difficult to cover up the excitement in her heart.

Feng Wu laughed coldly to herself, these people truly even thought that she's so easy to bully, right?

Feng Wu hadn't even spoken before Feng Xun already laughed coldly. "Hold on!"

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