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Chapter 958
Chapter 958: Panicked

Feng Yanfeng and his family exchanged looks… Could it be true? Feng Wu had actually saved His Royal Highness, not molested him?

Feng Yanfeng panicked!

Oh no —

He had believed that Feng Wu had done unthinkable things to His Royal Highness, which would incriminate the Feng clan later . That was why he had taken action first, so that he could hand her over to the royal family before the entire clan went down with her .

But, what Lady Northern Feng said meant…

Feng Wu hadn’t been molesting His Royal Highness, but saving him? Moreover, according to Master Chu, Feng Wu was the only one that could help His Royal Highness… Oh, god!

Feng Yanfeng wanted to slap himself!

What had he done?!

Concerned about Jun Linyuan’s condition, Lady Northern Feng held Feng Wu’s hand . “Xiao Wu, let’s go . His Royal Highness needs you now!”

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Feng Wu was confused . “But he shouldn’t…”

When they had been at the bottom of that cliff, she had flushed out most of the toxin from Jun Linyuan’s system . If everything went as planned, he should make a full recovery after some rest . The toxin shouldn’t reactivate .

But it had . Why?

Lady Northern Feng tugged at Feng Wu . “Enough with the questions . You’ll know everything after you see His Royal Highness . Come with me . ”

Hence, Feng Wu went to the imperial palace with Lady Northern Feng .

Cining Palace .

Master Chu was busy treating Jun Linyuan, while the empress dowager walked back and forth in the room . The air smelled of anxiety .

“Go have a look! Where are they now?!”

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She would send people out every minute or so, but Lady Northern Feng and Feng Wu still hadn’t arrived .

“What’s going on? What’s taking her so long? She should have been here a long time ago, even if she only had one leg!”

The empress dowager didn’t like Feng Wu to begin with . Now that the girl had yet to arrive, the old lady was even more irritated .

Empress Dugu had been keeping the old lady company the whole time, and she feigned a surprised tone . “It can’t be that Feng Wu is reluctant to come, can it?”

She then added, “After all, she was so rough with His Royal Highness . Will she assume airs now, knowing that she’s the only one that can save His Royal Highness?”

The empress dowager grew angrier!

She really didn’t like that Feng Wu!

She was about to explode like a volcano when an excited voice rang out outside .

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“They’re here!”

“Lady Northern Feng’s back!”

“Miss Feng is here!”

The empress dowager looked up to see Lady Northern Feng rush into the room with Feng Wu behind her .

Drained of all color, Lady Northern Feng was covered in sweat . She was too out of breath to say a word, and only pushed Feng Wu in Jun Linyuan’s direction .

Feng Wu was going in that direction when she saw the furious look the empress dowager gave her .

Her stomach lurched . The empress dowager didn’t seem pleased with her .

Was it because she didn’t greet her? This old lady was quite an influential figure in the empire, and Feng Wu felt it was unwise to cross her .

Hence, she bowed at the empress dowager . “Your Majesty . ”

The empress dowager glared at Feng Wu . “You can cure the crown prince?”

Feng Wu didn’t give a straightforward answer .

She only casually said, “Your Majesty, all treatment comes with risks, and no medicine refiner can claim that they can cure a patient 100% . ”

Still staring at Feng Wu, the empress dowager leaned over and whispered something in her ear .

The look on Feng Wu’s face changed slightly .

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