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Chapter 959
Chapter 959: Why Is This Happening?

Feng Wu bit her lower lip and frowned at the empress dowager .

“I always keep my promises . Now, go cure the crown prince . ” The empress dowager looked away after that .

Feng Wu rubbed her nose . She couldn’t figure out why the old lady was so displeased with her . It was so strange .

“Oh, no, the crown prince has stopped breathing!”

Master Chu cried out from inside .

Feng Wu rushed into the room before the empress dowager could prompt her again .

And she saw that the old lady wanted to go in with her .

Feng Wu frowned and said in a solemn, calm voice, “Your Majesty, I will need absolute quiet when I treat the crown prince . I’m afraid you’ll have to stay here . ”


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The empress dowager couldn’t believe what she was hearing!

She was the mother of the emperor, and no one in the empire dared to defy her! Even the emperor indulged her whims . However, this girl had just denied her the right to enter the room!

The empress dowager felt humiliated!

She raised a hand to slap Feng Wu .

Empress Dugu gloated . This Feng Wu seemed to be a stupid, stubborn girl . Zuo Qingluan was much more likeable .

However, Feng Wu only stood there and looked calmly at the empress dowager .

She just stared at the empress dowager without showing any intention to go in .

She made it clear that she wouldn’t go in to treat Jun Linyuan until the empress dowager left .

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“You, you —”

The empress dowager was furious! Her chest heaved and her face was livid!

Lady Northern Feng steadied the old lady . “Your Majesty, please don’t be mad . We can stay here, right? The most important thing now is to save His Royal Highness, right?”

The empress dowager snorted, then looked the other way .

Feng Wu nodded at Lady Northern Feng, went inside, and closed the door .

“That abominable girl! I’m not done with her!” Having lived a life of privilege for so many years, the empress dowager was used to being obeyed and respected . No one had ever dared to treat her that way .

Lady Northern Feng was worried . Why couldn’t little Feng Wu get along well with the empress dowager?

Back in the room —

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Seeing that Feng Wu had arrived, Master Chu waved at her . “Quickly, the crown prince needs you . ”

Feng Wu was at a loss over what to say .

Shouldn’t someone like Master Chu worry about his credit being taken by Feng Wu, and reject her presence? Why did he look so relieved?

But Feng Wu had no time to think about that now . She began the treatment immediately .

Jun Linyuan’s skin was almost too hot to the touch . His fair skin had turned pink from his fever .

Feng Wu unrolled a pack and took out some silver needles .

Her acupuncture skills were excellent, and in less than a minute, she had stuck 32 needles into Jun Linyuan’s acupoints .

Master Chu, who used to doubt Feng Wu’s medical skills, was surprised by her swift movements . His eyes flickered .

He was a talented doctor with years of experience, not to mention that he had put in all his effort to learn from his predecessors . However, was he able to use needles the way Feng Wu did?

Master Chu shook his head inwardly . He could find the acupoints accurately enough, but not as quickly .

This Feng Wu girl was truly exceptional .

Feng Wu tried to bring Jun Linyuan’s temperature down with one type of treatment and clear his system with acupuncture at the same time .

Absorbed in her task, Feng Wu was soon covered in sweat .

While Feng Wu worked with the needles, Master Chu checked Jun Linyuan’s pulse .

That was weird…

Master Chu was confused .

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