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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:14:17 PM
Chapter 957
Chapter 957: The Truth!

Lady Northern Feng was speechless .

The rest of the crowd was just as silent .

Where was that ice queen? Why did the lady wake up to become this poor bunny again?

“Mum, do you remember what happened?” Feng Wu asked tentatively .

The lady nodded . “Yes . Your uncle was hitting you . He’s a bad man . Xiao Wu, are you hurt? Let me have a look . ”

Feng Wu asked, “What about what happened next? Can you remember that?”

The lady looked up at Feng Wu with teary eyes . “Next? What next?”

Feng Wu scratched her head and had to accept reality .

That ice queen was gone, and the fragile beautiful lady was back .

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With Feng Wu’s help, the beautiful lady rose to her feet . She then saw all the people lying on the ground, especially Feng Yanfeng and the two elders, who were covered in blood and bruises…

She looked so surprised when she turned to Feng Wu . “Xiao Wu, what happened to them?”

Feng Wu was lost for words .

“Mum, you beat them up . ”

The lady finally smiled at Feng Wu’s words . “You’re such a cute kid . That’s a really good joke . ”

Everyone stared at Lady Xuanji in disbelief .

Especially Lady Northern Feng, who asked in astonishment, “You really don’t remember what you did just then?”

“What did I do?” the beautiful lady asked innocently .

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Feng Wu turned around to see Lady Northern Feng and the eunuchs behind her .

They had obviously come from the imperial palace .

Feng Wu was puzzled . “But why…”

“Ah —” Lady Northern Feng finally remembered why she was here . She smacked her own forehead and said, “Xiao Wu, quickly, you need to come to court with me . ”

Feng Yanfeng and the others were inwardly elated .

Feng Liu couldn’t hide the smirk on her face .

Finally .

The royal family was going to have Feng Wu arrested .

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Feng Wu, you’re done .

Feng Wu asked in bewilderment, “To court?”

Lady Northern Feng took Feng Wu’s hand and said hastily, “Xiao Wu, didn’t you save the crown prince at the bottom of that cliff? Well, the toxin reactivated after His Royal Highness was taken back to the palace, and Master Chu says you’re our only hope . So, come with me now . ”

Feng Yanfeng and his family were flabbergasted!

They were too shocked to speak!


Lady Northern Feng wasn’t here to arrest Feng Wu, but to take her to His Royal Highness to treat him?

Feng Liu couldn’t hold it in anymore and began to complain to Lady Northern Feng . “Your Ladyship, Feng Wu is disgusting! She molested His Royal Highness and offended the royal family . She…”

However, Lady Northern Feng cut her off . “Are you talking about what happened in Proud Snowfield at the bottom of the cliff?”

Feng Liu said, “Well, yes… Did I say something wrong?”

Lady Northern Feng threw a dirty look at Feng Liu . “I don’t know what you saw, but Feng Wu was saving His Royal Highness’s life! You’re the one with disgusting ideas! I can’t believe how you, a girl at such a young age, can come up with such a vile notion! Who taught you to be so malicious? No decent man will want you as their wife!”

Feng Liu: !!!

Lady Northern Feng wouldn’t lie about this, for she was here on behalf of the royal family .

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