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Chapter 955
Chapter 955: The Furious Beautiful Lady (2)

Feng Yanfeng was a pretty decent cultivator . After all, he was the head of the clan . In her infuriated state, however, Lady Xuanji was attacking to kill . And she meant it!

Every stance she used was a killing move!

Moreover, her moves seemed confused and didn’t follow a pattern, as if she couldn’t remember them clearly .

Even so, Feng Yanfeng couldn’t gain the upper hand and was losing ground .

“You shouldn’t have hit Xiao Wu! I won’t allow it! You can’t!”

The beautiful lady lashed out at Feng Yanfeng and threw whatever punches came to mind at him .

Somehow, her stances were so effective that there was no chance for Feng Yanfeng to fight back!


Feng Yanfeng was slapped .


Feng Yanfeng was punched in the chest .

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Feng Yanfeng was kicked in the stomach .

What was more, the lady grabbed Feng Yanfeng by his hair and began to smash his head against the ground repeatedly .

Yes, she was throwing him around as if she was threshing grain .

With her floaty white dress, her tiny frame, and her stunning face… she was every bit an ethereal beauty .

But that beauty was holding a man by his hair and pounding his head into the ground!

Thump, thump, thump —

It looked very painful .

Feng Wu: …

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Feng Xiaoqi: …

Qiuling: …

Feng Liu: …

Feng Yiran: …

Everyone else: …

And the poor head of the clan: …

He looked dumbfounded and his head had gone blank . He couldn’t understand any of this .

Fearing that Feng Wu was going to get hurt, Lady Northern Feng rushed to Fallen Star Yard as quickly as she could . However, when she got there, she only saw all the guards groaning on the ground, as well as —

The head of the Feng clan, who was getting his ass kicked!

Lady Northern Feng almost choked on her own spit!

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Who was capable of doing that?

However, she nearly shrieked when she saw the person’s face!

Lady Xuanji?!

The feeble lady that always looked weak enough to be crushed under the weight of her own clothes?!

Thinking that she was seeing things, Lady Northern Feng rubbed her eyes, but nothing changed .

As Lady Xuanji hammered Feng Yanfeng’s head against the ground, she bellowed, “This is what you get for hitting my Xiao Wu! Remember this!”

Lady Northern Feng was speechless .

Someone please give her back her old world!

After her maids finally pulled her out of the rose bushes, Lady Wang ran after Lady Northern Feng toward Fallen Star Yard, ignoring all the thorns that the fall had left her with .

However, her pupils contracted when she saw what was happening . Pointing in the beautiful lady’s direction with a shaking finger, she was too shocked to utter a word .

She was as frightened as she was astonished…

“She, she…” Lady Wang almost passed out!

Her husband was the head of the clan and one of the top cultivators among the clansmen, yet he was being brutally beaten, not to mention that the person doing it was that delicate Lady Xuanji!

Lady Wang almost had a heart attack .

Feng Yanfeng screamed in pain, but he finally came back to himself and yelled at the two elders . “Don’t just stand there! Do something!”



The two elders had been equally shocked and dazed, and at Feng Yanfeng’s bellow, finally realized that they had to do something .

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