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Chapter 956
Chapter 956: The Furious Beautiful Lady (3)

The head of their clan was getting beaten up in front of Lady Northern Feng . That was bad news .

The two elders rushed over to help Feng Yanfeng .

They didn’t actually want to do anything to Lady Xuanji, but only tried to extricate Feng Yanfeng .

However —

At that moment, Lady Xuanji wasn’t thinking straight .

She was stressed and would attack any opponent that approached her .

Hence, when the two elders moved, Lady Xuanji tossed Feng Yanfeng to the ground and stomped on his stomach .

“Argh —”

Feng Yanfeng screeched and curled up like a boiled shrimp .

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Finding the man repulsive and useless, Lady Xuanji kicked him to the side .

She moved on to fight the two elders!

The poor elders . They were capable cultivators, but none of their stances seemed to work today —

“How dare you hit Xiao Wu! Die! I’m gonna kill you all!”

The lady was fierce . She gave off the feeling that she would crush anything that stood in her way!

The two elders weren’t her match . After exchanging a few blows, they were kicked to the ground and passed out after spitting out mouthfuls of blood…

“Anyone else?!” The lady scanned the courtyard with a cold, regal look on her face! She reminded one of the sharpest blades!

Everyone shivered under her gaze, especially those who sided with Feng Yanfeng and Lady Wang . They couldn’t even meet Lady Xuanji’s gaze, and stumbled back involuntarily .

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Lady Xuanji glanced at Lady Wang . Instantly, Lady Wang stiffened, as if she was covered in ice and frozen to the bone .

She had never experienced such fear before .


After scanning the crowd, Lady Xuanji fainted .

Although it sounded like it had been a long time, everything actually happened very fast, starting from the moment the beautiful lady exploded to her beating up Feng Yanfeng and the elders .

Feng Wu finally came back to herself . She jumped to her feet, rushed over, and held her mother in her arms .

She put a finger under her mother’s nose . Good, she was breathing normally .

And she was relieved when she checked her mother’s pulse .

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The lady was only exhausted after using so much spiritual essence . She would be right as rain after some sleep .

Looking at the lady’s exquisite face, Feng Wu smiled wryly .

She had never imagined that there was such strength in the lady’s body, let alone the fact that she could be such a formidable fighter .

The beautiful lady had to have quite the story . Feng Wu wondered what it was .

However, despite how capable the lady was, both her cultivation ability and her intelligence had been sealed away… That just demonstrated how frightening her enemies were .

Feng Wu clenched her fists . She had to work harder and become the strongest cultivator . Only then would she be able to protect everyone she loved .

Instead of being this helpless and defenseless person when people tried to push her around .

Lady Northern Feng recovered from the shock as well, and she remembered why she was here in the first place .

“Xiao Wu —” Feng Wu silenced her with a wave of her hand as soon as Lady Northern Feng began to speak .

For the beautiful lady slowly opened her eyes at that moment .

She burst into tears as soon as she saw Feng Wu .

Holding Feng Wu’s face and caressing her shoulders with her fair hands, the lady said between broken sobs, “My poor Xiao Wu . Are you in pain? I was so worried…”

Feng Wu was lost for words .

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