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Chapter 954
Chapter 954: The Furious Beautiful Lady (1)

“Feng Wu is a degenerate and she’s no longer a member of this clan! Your Ladyship, I can give you my word here . Feng Wu has been banished from the Feng clan; what she did has nothing to do with us . ”

Lady Northern Feng stared at Lady Wang in disbelief . “Feng Wu has been banished from your clan?”

Lady Wang nodded and said earnestly, “That’s right . My husband is taking Feng Wu into custody as we speak; he’ll hand her over to the royal family so that she can receive the proper punishment she deserves…”

However, Lady Northern Feng shoved Lady Wang to the side before the latter could finish her sentence!

Lady Wang was knocked off her feet, and she fell into the rose bushes .

The rose plants were full of thorns, and Lady Wang cried out in pain .

But Lady Northern Feng forgot all about that woman as she sprinted off!

Fallen Star Yard!


Feng Yanfeng struck Feng Wu on the shoulder . Instantly, Feng Wu couldn’t feel her right shoulder anymore, and she almost cried out in pain .

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Before she realized it, Feng Yanfeng had dragged her to his side, and he threw her to the ground!


“Xiao Wu —”

Qiuling and the others rushed out to help Feng Wu, the beautiful lady running at the front .

Lady Xuanji’s world revolved around two people and a half .

Herself, Feng Wu, and Feng Xiaoqi, who was the “half . ”

Seeing Feng Wu fall to the ground in agony, the beautiful lady almost passed out .

The strength she exerted was disproportionate to her frail frame . Shielding Feng Wu with her own body like a mother hen, she glared at Feng Yanfeng over her shoulder!

The look made Feng Yanfeng’s stomach lurch .

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The woman had always looked so fragile, as if she could be blown away by the wind . But now, that look in her eyes was colder than the sharpest blade, and she reminded him of an ice queen!

But Feng Yanfeng came back to himself almost immediately .

Lady Xuanji was even more harmless than a plant; there was no way she could be that fierce . He was seeing things .

Feng Yanfeng patted Lady Xuanji on the shoulder, fearing that he might hurt the beauty if he put too much force into it .

He said softly, “It was all Feng Wu’s fault . We won’t blame you . You’ll be safe . ”

After that, Feng Yanfeng tried to pick Lady Xuanji up .


Feng Yanfeng would never forget what happened next!

Lady Xuanji, whom he thought was as harmless as a bunny, suddenly stared at him with bloodshot eyes!

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She went berserk!

She radiated spiritual essence, and formidable energy gushed out of her in waves!

Clutching the hand which Feng Yanfeng had on her shoulder, she yanked! Thump!

Feng Yanfeng was thrown over her shoulder, and he smashed onto the ground!

Everyone was dumbfounded!

Holy shit!

Was this the Lady Xuanji who was in tears all the time, and who couldn’t even lift a small rock off the ground?

Feng Wu’s eyes widened .

What was going on?

Feng Yanfeng was the most astonished of them all . He had never thought that one day, he would be thrown over the shoulder of such a fragile-looking woman .

“You —”

Feng Yanfeng scrambled to his feet and pointed at Lady Xuanji, but he only had enough time to utter one word .


Lady Xuanji didn’t give him a chance to speak . She began to throw punches at him right away!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

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