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Chapter 953
Chapter 953: You Kissed Him! (4)

“Elders Three and Five, take Feng Wu down! Now!” Feng Yanfeng growled, then said under his breath, “I’m still the head of this clan!”

The two elders stiffened .

Indeed, Feng Yanfeng was still the head of the Feng clan . Both old men had gotten on Feng Yanfeng’s pirate ship so that they could have ample resources at their disposal . They would be doomed if they wanted to jump ship now .

The two men exchanged looks and saw determination in each other’s eyes!

The next second!

They charged forward at a frightening speed!

Feng Wu narrowed her eyes .

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The two elders gave Feng Wu no time to react, and they struck out with deadly blows right away .

It had only been a few months since Feng Wu recovered her ability, and no matter how much of a genius she was, she couldn’t fight both elders at the same time . Both old men had cultivation levels way above the Spiritual Grandmaster stage .

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They were astonished as soon as they began to exchange blows with Feng Wu .

They had thought that the girl was a Level 4 Spiritual Grandmaster, but as soon as the fight started, they realized that Feng Wu was more than that . She was a Level 5 at least…

Their evaluation of Feng Wu rose .

She was, without doubt, a genius…

But they had to do this for their own survival… Elder Three gritted his teeth, and when he was close enough, he whispered to Feng Wu, “Run!”

Feng Wu glanced at Elder Three . It seemed that he wasn’t completely irredeemable .

However —

Why should she run?

She narrowed her eyes and exerted more power!

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Feng Yanfeng grew impatient as the fight dragged on . He was displeased!

How could this be?

Feng Wu was too petty a cultivator to be able to withstand the combined assault of two elders!

The royal family could arrive at any moment; Feng Yanfeng had to finish this now! He leapt up and charged at Feng Wu!

He moved as fast as a streak of lightning!


Feng Yanfeng struck Feng Wu from behind when she wasn’t looking .

At the same time .

Lady Wang had left the courtyard a while ago to stall the messenger from the imperial palace, at least until they could get Feng Wu tied up .

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They had to get their gesture right .

However, Lady Wang rushed out, only to see Lady Northern Feng marching into the manor .

Lady Northern Feng?

Lady Wang was surprised!

Lady Northern Feng was Feng Wu’s godmother, but she was here with a team of eunuchs… Were they here for Feng Wu?

Lady Wang guffawed inwardly!

Feng Wu, you really thought too highly of yourself! It seems that all your sucking up to Lady Northern Feng was for nothing . She’s here to arrest you herself!

“Your Ladyship —” Lady Wang bowed to Lady Northern Feng .

But Lady Northern Feng only asked hastily, “Where’s Feng Wu?”

She really was here for that girl!

Lady Wang was screaming with laughter inwardly, but she kept her face straight . “Your Ladyship, are you here to take Feng Wu to court?”

Lady Northern Feng glanced at her . “You know that?”

Hahahaha — Lady Wang was over the moon, but she still said in a calm voice, “We knew this would happen . It’s so unfortunate for the Feng clan that we have such an abominable daughter . But please be reassured, we will —”

“An abominable daughter?” Lady Northern Feng’s face darkened .

Thinking that Lady Northern Feng was testing her, Lady Wang made a fist and said in an indignant voice —

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