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Chapter 951
Chapter 951: You Kissed Him! (2)

Feng Wu narrowed her eyes .

What was Feng Yanfeng trying to do?

“Go . ” With a wave of his hand, some people standing behind Feng Yanfeng jumped out and surrounded Feng Wu .

They were secret guards trained by the Feng clan, and were only sent out in the direst of situations .

“Uncle, what is this?” Feng Wu’s face darkened .

“You molested the crown prince; you’re going to take responsibility for that,” Feng Yanfeng said . “I’m going to take you into custody, then hand you over to the royal family . That’s it . ”

“That’s it?” Feng Wu couldn’t believe what she was hearing!

After saving Jun Linyuan three times, and with her secret now exposed, this was what she got from her own clan?

Feng Wu smirked . “What if I say no?”

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Feng Yanfeng said, “Then I’m afraid your family will suffer . ”

Feng Wu said, “Uncle, I see that you’re done playing nice . ”

Feng Yanfeng feigned a regretful tone . “Xiao Wu, the clan can’t save you from what you’ve done this time… Your only option now is to beg for the royal family’s forgiveness . ”

And that wasn’t going to happen… Feng Yanfeng and the others all knew how much the empress dowager loved the crown prince . They couldn’t begin to imagine how furious the old lady had to be now!

Feng Wu would never make it out alive .

“Take her down . ” Feng Yanfeng gave the order .

The uniformed guards charged at Feng Wu like beasts freed from their cages!

Ten of them!

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They were all Spiritual Grandmasters, and Feng Yanfeng had gone through a lot of trouble to train these people so that they could protect him .

They had thought that they could take Feng Wu down in no time . To their surprise, Feng Wu reacted much faster than they expected!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

With nonstop kicks, she sent all ten people flying!

That capability…

Everyone watched with open mouths!

Especially Feng Yanfeng, who stared at Feng Wu in disbelief!

“You, you, you…”

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His fingers trembled with anger, but he was too shocked to utter a word .

He had expected Feng Wu to be a Level 1 Spiritual Grandmaster at most, and these ten people would be more than enough to take Feng Wu down .

As it turned out, Feng Wu was a Level 3 Spiritual Grandmaster at the very least!

“You twenty, take her down!” Feng Yanfeng had thirty guards with him in total, and he gave the order to the remaining twenty .

“Yes . ”

The uniformed guards charged at Feng Wu again with impassive looks on their faces .

They moved at a tremendous speed!

“Xiao Wu —”

Qiuling and the others cried out and wanted to rush over to help Feng Wu, but she shook her head, reassuring them that she alone would be enough .

Feng Wu was seething with anger as she watched the guards approach .

She had gotten her ability back since Northern Border City, but she had had to keep it a secret, even when everyone was laughing at her .

Now, she had been exposed .

If that was the case, so be it . She would show them what she had!

With a smirk, Feng Wu struck out!

She kicked the first guard that reached her, grabbed the second and threw him into the third, then punched the fourth in the face…

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