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Chapter 952
Chapter 952: You Kissed Him! (3)

Feng Wu’s movements reminded one of floating clouds and flowing water .

She was nimble and her timing was perfect . She was invincible!

One, two, three…

The others watched as the guards were tossed away one after another .

And she threw them very far . They flew over the wall and out of the Feng manor…

Feng Liu, Feng Sang, Feng Yiran, Lady Wang, and Feng Yanfeng watched in astonishment!

That was impossible…

It couldn’t be…

How could this happen…

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They hadn’t detected any spiritual essence on the girl, and had thought her a useless cripple . As it turned out, she was a Level 4 Spiritual Grandmaster at the very least .

“How… could she…” Feng Liu was at a loss for words .

The clan had provided her with so many resources so that she could qualify to take the entrance exam . The elders had even given her special training sessions… With all that effort, she barely reached Level 9 of the Spiritual Master stage, which was the minimum cultivation level required to enter the exam .

But Feng Wu… was a Level 4 Spiritual Grandmaster already!

Feng Sang’s eyes popped out!

That Feng Wu… that Feng Wu… that genius Feng Wu who used to outshine everyone! Was she back now?

Feng Yiran clenched his fists and frowned!

If Feng Wu had recovered, would he have to give her back the title of clan heir?

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Lady Wang gritted her teeth . If Feng Wu learned the truth about what happened five years ago…

Lady Wang, Feng Sang, Feng Yiran, and Feng Liu exchanged looks, and they all saw hatred and determination in each other’s eyes .

Feng Wu had to die today!

No matter what a genius she was, she couldn’t walk out of here alive!


Luck wasn’t on their side .

After kicking all ten guards away in the first round, Feng Wu did it again and kicked all twenty guards into the air .

Feng Yanfeng glared at Feng Wu .

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Feng Wu only clapped the non-existent dust off her hands and straightened her clothes, which hadn’t been messy in the first place . She was relaxed, poised, and didn’t look like a soon-to-be prisoner at all .

She then glanced at Feng Yanfeng .

Feng Yanfeng said in a stern voice, “Are you resisting arrest now?”

Feng Wu replied, “Resisting arrest? Do you have a warrant for my arrest? Am I wanted by the empire?”

Feng Yanfeng checked the position of the sun, and realized that he was running out of time .

He was right —

His personal valet rushed into the yard in a hurry . “Master, master, we have a visitor from the imperial palace…”

Many people blanched, especially Feng Yanfeng!

He had a murderous look in his eyes now .

He believed that he wouldn’t be punished too severely if he preemptively handed Feng Wu over to the royal family as a sign of penance .

But if the imperial edict came first, he felt that the entire Feng clan would be incriminated, and his job at the Ministry of Official Personnel would also be at risk!

Feng Yanfeng shot the two elders a warning glance .

Elders Three and Five sided with Feng Yanfeng, which was why they had been invited here today .

But they hesitated now .

They were astonished by the ability Feng Wu had demonstrated .

She had to be a genius to pull off what she had done just then .

The Feng clan finally had a genius, not to mention that she was one reborn… Were they going to destroy her again?

Feng Yanfeng turned his head to see the wavering looks on the two old men’s faces .

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