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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:16:16 PM
Chapter 950
Chapter 950: You Kissed Him! (1)

Feng Wu looked indifferently at the group of people in the yard .

Her uncle, her aunt, her cousins, and the elders of her clan .

These people were all glaring at her as if she were a criminal .

A criminal? Feng Wu smirked .

If they had seen it on the screen, they should have learned that she had recovered her ability . If that was the case, why were they still treating her like this?

“So, why did you bring an army here to my courtyard?” Feng Wu asked with a half-smile .

Feng Liu smirked . “Feng Wu, you’re not going to talk yourself out of this . We all saw what you did at the bottom of the cliff!”

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Feng Wu gave Feng Liu a taunting smile . “Really? You mean you saw that I got my cultivation ability back?”

Feng Liu sneered . “So what if you have? You’re doomed! You’ve brought shame to this family!”

Feng Wu was bewildered . “Why is that? I saved the crown prince three times . After what I did, I think my mum is going to get a higher rank now . ”

Lady Wang smirked . “Feng Wu, you can stop with your acting now . We all saw what you did to His Royal Highness! With our own eyes! You shameless girl! You’ve disgraced the entire clan!”

Feng Wu was even more bewildered, and there was anger in her voice . “I’ve disgraced the clan? What on earth did I do?”

Feng Liu scoffed at her . “Feng Wu, just admit it! I told you: we all saw it! You molested His Royal Highness! You kissed him while he was unconscious!”

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Feng Liu’s eyes were bloodshot red with jealousy!

Many girls wanted to choke Feng Wu to death for what she did, and wanted to be in her place instead .

Feng Wu finally saw the light . “Are you referring to the artificial respiration I performed on His Royal Highness?”

“Artificial respiration? What a high-sounding excuse . You’re so cunning . ”

Feng Liu wouldn’t believe it, nor would the others .

Of course, Feng Wu’s own family was on her side no matter what .

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Feng Wu was baffled . “His Royal Highness woke up after the artificial respiration . I treated him with acupuncture after that…”

Did none of these people see that?

“What acupuncture? We saw no such thing . You molested His Royal Highness! That we do know!” Feng Liu snorted .

Given how smart Feng Wu was, she was able to put the pieces together from Feng Liu’s accusation .

Someone controlling the screen must have switched it off when they saw the artificial respiration, thinking that she was doing something inappropriate . That was why they didn’t know what happened afterward .

But wasn’t Grand Secretary Fang in charge of that? How could he let such a thing happen? Feng Wu was puzzled .

“Feng Wu, you’ve run out of excuses!”

Feng Yanfeng finally spoke in a righteous tone .

Feng Wu smiled . “You missed the important part, but someone out there will prove my innocence . I’m not going to admit to something that I didn’t do . ”

“Admit it or not —” Feng Yanfeng’s face was as stern as it had been five years ago, “you’re going to take responsibility for your own actions . I won’t let you destroy this clan’s reputation . ”

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