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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:16:29 PM
Chapter 949
Chapter 949: The Amazing Feng Wu (6)

“I said, move . ” Feng Wu’s eyes glinted like cold blades .

But the guards still wouldn’t move . They acted as if they didn’t hear Feng Wu at all .

Feng Wu smirked . “I won’t repeat myself again . ”

Her actions would speak for her .


Feng Wu raised her foot .


She kicked the guard in front of her, and he hit the door behind him .

The loud noise caught the attention of the people inside .

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Lady Xuanji had always been as skittish as a bunny, and she jumped at the loud bang .

“What happened? What happened?” Qiuling rushed out of her room to find Feng Wu standing at the entrance to the yard .

And Qiuling would never forget that scene .

The arrogant guards were all rolling around and moaning on the ground .

And there were more of them than Qiuling expected; it seemed that they included those who had been standing along the walls .

Qiuling savored the sight and was thrilled to see Feng Wu again . “Miss Wu! You’re back! Sob —”

She rushed to Feng Wu’s side, wrapped her arms around the latter, and burst into tears .

Feng Wu asked, “Where’s my mum? Are you alright?”

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The guards were still moaning, but it was only background noise to Qiuling . She explained to Feng Wu as she led her to the bedroom, “Your mother is fine . She’s just a little shaken by everything that’s happened, and she’s resting inside . I’m so glad that you got back in time . Otherwise…”

“What happened?” Feng Wu asked Qiuling in bewilderment .

Qiuling stared back at her with an equally puzzled look . “Miss, you don’t know what happened?”

Feng Wu said, “I don’t . What is this all about?”

Qiuling scratched her head . “We have no idea . Your uncle had Fallen Star Yard locked down an hour ago, and none of us were allowed to leave . ”

Just then —

“Feng Wu, how dare you come back!” A cold voice rang out behind her .

Feng Wu knew it was Feng Liu even before she turned her head .

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And Feng Liu wasn’t alone . Lady Wang, Feng Sang, and Feng Yiran were with her . Even two of the elders who had gone into seclusion were here .

This had to be serious .

Feng Wu frowned at Feng Yanfeng, who led the group of people .

What baffled Feng Wu was that she had gotten first in the exam . In that case, her uncle, who was all about his own personal gain, should be welcoming her warmly now . However, his tone sounded rather accusing .

Feng Wu couldn’t care less about his manner, but scaring her mother was unforgivable!

On guard, Feng Wu narrowed her eyes .

Feng Yanfeng stared at Feng Wu with a ferocious look on his face . He looked like he wanted to kill her now .

Feng Liu snorted . “Feng Wu, how dare you come back! The entire empire knows what you did!”

Feng Wu’s eyes flickered . “What I did?”

Crossing her arms, Feng Liu sneered . “Don’t tell me you don’t know what this is about . ”

Feng Wu said, “I don’t . ”

“Stop pretending already . You took advantage of His Royal Highness when he was unconscious from the poison . You did it at the bottom of that cliff in the snowfield! What do you have to say about that?” Feng Liu asked .

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched .

Under the cliff in the snowfield? How did they know about that? Wait —

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