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Chapter 945
Chapter 945: The Amazing Feng Wu (2)

“Trouble? What trouble?” Duan Chaoyue was confused .

Duan Chaoyin gloated . “Because… she offended His Royal Highness . Well, not only His Royal Highness, but the entire royal family as well . What do you think will happen to the woman that just offended the crown prince, the golden boy of the empire?”

“Why? What did she do?”

“Well, she…” Duan Chaoyin then described what she had seen on the screen .

“What?!” Duan Chaoyue covered her mouth in astonishment . “Feng Wu did that to His Royal Highness in front of so many people? Oh god . I would kill myself if I were her…”

“You don’t say . That was so humiliating . ”

“Oh god… His Royal Highness is such a neat freak . He’s so going to kill Feng Wu when he finds out!”

“That was why Mu Yaoyao chose to run away . No one will go after her head after His Royal Highness kills Feng Wu . ”

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Feng Wu heard none of the gossip . She hurried back home as quickly as she could .

Because she was worried about her family .

Qiuling and the others wanted to come out and welcome Feng Wu, but Fallen Star Yard was surrounded by guards, and they couldn’t get out .

Qiuling was furious . She pointed at the guards . “You have no right to keep us here! Move!”

However, the guards kept silent and only stared at them with solemn and intimidating looks on their faces!

They didn’t reply . Instead, they closed the door and locked it from the outside .

Qiuling was astonished!

“What’s this about? Are we criminals now?!”

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However, no matter how loudly she yelled, the guards were silent and remained where they were .

Qiuling wouldn’t have it . She climbed onto the wall, ready to jump out .

However, before she could do that, she saw that the yard was surrounded by highly capable guards .

They were everywhere…

It would be impossible for her to get out .

Lady Xuanji had been kept out of it, but it was impossible to not disturb her, with all the noise .

She blanched and took Qiuling’s hand . “Xiao Ling, is Xiao Wu in danger?”

That was the question on everyone’s mind .

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Feng Yanfeng would never do such a thing to them if something hadn’t happened to Feng Wu .

And the guards had announced that they were here at the command of the head of the clan . No one was to disobey .

Quiling tried to calm Lady Xuanji down . “It’s okay . I’m sure it’s nothing . Miss Wu is so smart . Nothing can happen to her . ”

But Lady Xuanji wasn’t convinced .

Granny Zhao chimed in, “Miss Wu isn’t what they think she is . She’s a proper cultivator now, and a very impressive one . Right?”

“Yes . Miss Wu is already an outstanding cultivator among those in her generation . ” Uncle Qiu joined the conversation . “I’m sure she’s fine . ”

Granny Zhao didn’t want to upset Lady Xuanji, so she took her hand to comfort her . “What we need to do now is wait here quietly for Miss Wu to come back . ”

By then, Feng Wu had just stepped into the Feng manor .

The guards’ eyes flickered when they spotted Feng Wu .

One of them ran into the manor immediately!

Feng Wu frowned . What was that about?

In the imperial palace —

Jun Linyuan was carried straight into Cining Palace .

The empress dowager burst into tears as soon as she set her eyes on Jun Linyuan .

“My Baby Jun… How do you feel? Are you in pain?” The empress dowager’s hands trembled as she took one of Jun Linyuan’s hands in her own .

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