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Chapter 944
Chapter 944: The Amazing Feng Wu (1)

That sounded reasonable . Feng Wu gave Chaoge a nod, then went back home .

Mr Duan wasn’t alone . He was followed by three other people: his wife, Duan Chaoyue, and Duan Chaoyin .

Duan Chaoyin had been eliminated after the written exam .

As for Duan Chaoyue… Well, she did get into the physical tryout, but she didn’t seem to have left an impression on anyone .

Chaoge glanced at the screen .

The system had consolidated everyone’s scores from both exams and the latest rankings were already out .

One glance and Chaoge knew that Duan Chaoyue didn’t make it .

She laughed inwardly . These two sisters had been so pleased with themselves before . Well, it was Chaoge’s turn to be pleased now .

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Chaoge smirked a little . “Were you talking to me?”

Mr Duan gave Chaoge a disgruntled look . “You’re my daughter . Who else am I supposed to be talking to?”

Chaoge smiled . “So, I’m your daughter now? Wasn’t it only the other day that you abandoned me to a burglar?”

“Is that how you speak to your father?” Mr Duan feigned a displeased tone .

Chaoge ignored him and turned to Mrs Duan instead . “Gosh, you look awful . Are you not feeling well? Right, my eldest sister didn’t pass the written exam . How about your other daughter? Did she pass the physical tryout?”

Mrs Duan blanched with anger!

Quit acting already!

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Chaoge had looked at the rankings, and she hadn’t exactly been subtle about it! She had done it right in front of them! She knew perfectly well that Chaoyue didn’t get in . Why did she even ask?!

“Duan Chaoge, you —”

However, before Mrs Duan could say another word, Mr Duan cast a stern look at her . “You can’t talk to Chaoge like that! Shut up!”

Mrs Duan stared at Mr Duan in disbelief .

Before all this…

She used to be able to scold and punish Chaoge however she liked, and so could her two daughters… But now, she couldn’t even say a few harsh words to the girl?

Mrs Duan wouldn’t accept it .

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Chaoge snorted inwardly and went on asking, “Did my sister get in? She’s so knowledgeable and she’s a better cultivator than I am . She had access to 100 times more resources than I did . She can’t have failed when I got in myself . If that’s the case, what a waste of our family’s resources . ”

“You —”

Hearing Chaoge’s sarcastic tone, Mrs Duan was so frustrated .

“Chaoge, let’s go home, where we can talk more comfortably,” Mr Duan said to Chaoge in his nicest voice .

She had gotten into Imperial College; very few parents could enjoy that privilege! The Duan family was going to prosper!

Chaoge shook her head . “Nope, that home is the last place I want to be at the moment . I’ll never forget how you people used to treat me!”

The only thing that home reminded Chaoge of was five years of painful memories .

She would never forgive them for that .

“Where are you going?!” Mr Duan’s face darkened when Chaoge turned to leave .

“I’m going to Xiao Wu, of course . Did you think I could get into Imperial College all by myself?” Chaoge sneered at Mr Duan, then promptly left the family of four .

Watching Chaoge leave, Duan Chaoyin snorted . “Feng Wu? She’s not going to be around for long . ”

Duan Chaoyue frowned . “I heard that Feng Wu got her ability back, and she used to be such a genius…”

“Heh —” Duan Chaoyin smirked . “You were taking the exam and don’t know what happened . So what if she got her ability back? She’s going to be in so much trouble . ”

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