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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:16:53 PM
Chapter 946
Chapter 946: The Amazing Feng Wu (3)

Master Chu had already been waiting, and he gave the empress dowager a wry smile when he saw how tightly she was holding the teenager . “Your Majesty, His Royal Highness needs to be treated now, so —”

“Yes, of course —”

The empress dowager rose to her feet with Lady Northern Feng’s help and moved aside . However, she kept her gaze on Jun Linyuan’s face so that she wouldn’t miss a thing .

Jun Linyuan was still unconscious .

Master Chu had thought about asking the old lady to leave the room, but eventually shook his head when he saw the look on her face .

He then moved on to check the crown prince’s pulse .

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The look on his face was grave at first, but gradually, it relaxed .

The empress dowager had kept her eyes on Master Chu from the moment he started studying Jun Linyuan’s pulse . She needed to see the look on the doctor’s face .

Master Chu drew back his hand after five minutes and let out a breath of relief .

“How is the crown prince? Speak!” the empress dowager prompted .

Wiping away the sweat that had covered his forehead, Master Chu nodded . “His Royal Highness didn’t fight that Frosty Night Beast just once, but three times . ”

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Emperor Wu had filled his mother in on how ferocious that beast was, and the old lady was astonished . “Is the crown prince badly hurt?”

Master Chu was treating a member of the royal family and he had to make it sound very serious even if it wasn’t, just in case he couldn’t cure the patient in the end .

He said, “It was life-threatening at some point, but luckily, someone already treated the crown prince and cleared out some of the poison . I think His Royal Highness is safe for now . ”

“So, you’re saying that Feng Wu saved the crown prince . ” Lady Northern Feng chimed in at the right moment as she spoke up for Feng Wu .

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Master Chu nodded . “That’s right . If Miss Feng Wu hadn’t cleared out the toxin in his system, His Royal Highness would probably have… left us by now . More importantly, Miss Feng is an exceptional doctor . I don’t think I’m her match . ”

Lady Northern Feng stole a glance at the empress dowager . See? The crown prince would be dead if it wasn’t for little Feng Wu!

Little Feng Wu saved the day!

But the old lady acted as if she didn’t hear it, and she asked without looking at Master Chu, “So, you’re telling me that the crown prince is alright now . ”

Master Chu left some room for unexpected developments, and he chose his words carefully . “He should be, if everything goes as planned . ”

“Good, good…” Patting her chest, the empress dowager let out a breath of relief .

“Actually…” After some hesitation, Master Chu suggested, “Miss Feng Wu and His Royal Highness went through this together, and she treated him first . So… I think our safest choice is to invite her here to treat His Royal Highness . ”

However, the empress dowager turned him down right away . “Master Chu, you’re our safest choice; that girl was just a temporary fix . Now that you’re here, why do we need her?”

She was furious whenever she recalled how roughly Feng Wu had handled Jun Linyuan, and the fact that she had chosen to dig out the Heart of Frost Essence and absorb the spiritual essence instead of taking care of her Baby Jun . The old lady wanted to slap Feng Wu .

Master Chu shook his head with a wry smile .

He had made the suggestion because he was worried that something would go wrong now that he was Jun Linyuan’s doctor…

He realized that Feng Wu was unbelievably good with acupuncture after studying only half of the acupoints that Feng Wu had stuck her needles into . That girl was unparalleled in her medical skills .

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