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Chapter 943
Chapter 943: I’m In!

“You can have my head if you get first! But, if you can’t, I’ll have yours .

“Stop trying to change the subject . It won’t work! It’s all written there, on paper! We had so many witnesses! You can’t pretend that the bet never happened!”

Feng Wu had suggested that they forget about the bet, but Mu Yaoyao was the one who wouldn’t let it drop… As it turned out, Feng Wu got first!

Mu Yaoyao wanted to slap herself now .

Holding Mu Yaoyao’s dagger, Feng Wu smiled in an insouciant manner . “Do you want to do it yourself, or shall I?”

What should she do now? What to do? Mu Yaoyao was furious . She still had a whole life ahead of her; she didn’t want to die now!

As soon as Feng Wu took a step forward with the dagger in her hand —

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Mu Yaoyao’s head spun and she fell to the ground with a thump .

It sounded very painful .

Yao Ying and the others rushed over, helped Mu Yaoyao to her feet, and said to Feng Wu, “The princess isn’t feeling well . We’ll come back to the bet after she wakes up . We’re taking her home now . ”

After that, Yao Hao put Mu Yaoyao on his back and Yao Ying kept her steady . The siblings then fled the scene in a hurry .

People booed them .

Mu Yaoyao had sounded so righteous and unforgiving, but in the end, she had to pretend to pass out to get away .

All she had to do was apologize to Feng Wu . Did Feng Wu really want to kill her? Obviously not .

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But all Mu Yaoyao could come up with was to run away by pretending to pass out… Many people shook their heads and were disappointed in Mu Yaoyao . As a result, even Mu Manor’s reputation was severely affected .

Everyone applauded Feng Wu and exalted her . They were excited for her .

They only realized something serious after Feng Wu left .

“Didn’t Feng Wu disrespect His Royal Highness?”

“And she stole kisses from His Royal Highness!”

“And I clapped for her! What’s wrong with me?”

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Many were overwhelmed with conflicting emotions .

However, Feng Wu didn’t feel any such conflict, and it was only natural that she wanted to go home now . She had been away for seven days, and she had no idea how everyone was back home .

“Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu —” Duan Chaoge rushed out to welcome her . Holding Feng Wu’s hand, she said loudly, “I’m in! I’m in!”

“Really?” Feng Wu was happy for the girl .

Chaoge said, “I was injured toward the end, but I got enough points by then . I had four stars! Adding what I got in the written exam, I’m 100th on the list!”

10000 candidates took the Imperial College entrance exam every year . From the written exam, 1000 candidates would be selected to proceed to the physical tryout, from which the top 100 candidates would be chosen .

And those 100 students would be admitted into Imperial College that year .

“We can go to school and take classes together from now on!” Chaoge was overjoyed . To be able to study alongside Feng Wu was the greatest motivation for her cultivation .

“Chaoge —” An indifferent yet authoritative voice rang out a few steps away .

It was Mr Duan .

Duan Chaoge’s father .

Chaoge nudged Feng Wu . “Go home now . I’ll come find you later . ”

Feng Wu hesitated, for she knew that Chaoge didn’t get along well with the rest of the Duan family .

Chaoge patted Feng Wu’s hand, leaned over, and grinned . “My dad is all about doing what’s best for himself . Now that I’ve made it into Imperial College, the last thing he’ll do is treat me badly . ”

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