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Chapter 936
Chapter 936: She’s Not A Cripple!!! (5)

She should never have trusted that girl!

What was going to happen next? The empress dowager couldn’t bring herself to think about it .

“Out! Everyone out!” The empress dowager believed that she knew where this was going .

That Feng Wu! She was so dead! The empress dowager swore in her head .

Only then did Emperor Wu wake up from the initial shock and turn to Grand Secretary Fang . “Is the screen outside still showing this?”

Grand Secretary Fang smacked his own head .

He had been so shocked by Feng Wu’s action that he had completely forgotten about the big screen outside the college…

“Turn it off! Now!” Emperor Wu bellowed at Grand Secretary Fang .

Grand Secretary Fang nodded repeatedly .

And he didn’t even have to go out to do that, for he could control it with his mind .

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Click —

The screen outside went dark right away .

Instantly —

The people in the square went wild!

What was happening was so rare that everyone who had heard the news was here .

The square that was built to contain ten thousand people was packed with ten times more that!

And still more people were flooding in .

But the screen had turned off at such a critical moment?

People were displeased!

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“What’s going on? Why did that happen?”

“Why is it switched off? That was the most important part! Why aren’t we allowed to watch it?!”

“Where are the people in charge of the screen? Fix it!”

Compared with the others, who were eager to know what was going on, Feng Yanfeng stood there with a face darker than ink .

He had never expected something like this . How could Feng Wu…

Oh, god…

Feng Yanfeng really thought that the Feng clan was doomed!

The entire clan would be annihilated!

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Mr Duan offered a piece of advice . “Master Feng… I don’t think Miss Feng Wu will survive the consequences even if she makes it out alive, but you still have to think of the future of so many other youngsters in your clan…”

He couldn’t have made himself any clearer .

The empire would punish Feng Wu for what she had done .

They had seen it, and it went without saying that Her Majesty the empress dowager had seen it, too .

Would she let Feng Wu go without any punishment? Obviously not!

Therefore —

“Thank you, Master Duan —”

Without hesitation, Feng Yanfeng took Lady Wang and Feng Liu with him and hurried back home .

Once he got back, he summoned his clansmen and made arrangements for them to flee the imperial capital… But that would be something to talk about later .

Everyone in the square felt indignant at what they saw .

Feng Wu’s fame was gone as quickly as it had been earned .

However, Feng Wu had no idea of any of this .

She was busy using CPR to save Jun Linyuan .

The fight with the beast had caused the toxin to spread . The beast had then knocked Jun Linyuan down and pushed them into the gap… It had been one thing after another, and even Jun Linyuan couldn’t endure it . He was in a coma .

Feng Wu released Jun Linyuan after breathing into his mouth…

Everyone in Cining Palace let out breaths of relief, but —

To their fury, Feng Wu bent down again!

“She — how can she do that?! She’s lost her mind! That has to be it!” The empress dowager wanted to smash the screen .

However, Feng Wu was in a good mood, for Jun Linyuan was breathing again . It was shallow, but his life was no longer in danger .

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