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Chapter 937
Chapter 937: What to Do Now?

Feng Wu knew that she was only getting started .

Hence —

Whoosh —

Feng Wu began to take off the rest of Jun Linyuan’s clothes .

Fast .

His robe, his shirt, his undergarment…

Jun Linyuan was already bare-chested, and he was stripped down to thin mid-length underpants .

Seeing this, the empress dowager thought she was going to lose her mind!

Her Baby Jun was a neat freak and a very serious one . He couldn’t stand any woman being within a meter of him!

But now, Feng Wu, that abominable girl, was taking advantage of him . How dare she…

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“Out! Everyone out!” The empress dowager gave the order to the other people in the room .

Of course she wouldn’t let them stay .

Before long, everyone was thrown out of the palace .

The empress dowager and Emperor Wu stayed behind .

Empress Dugu wanted to stay, but the mother and son wouldn’t let her .

Lady Northern Feng, on the other hand, trusted Feng Wu as always, so she held the old lady’s hand, went down on her knees, and begged the latter to let her stay .

“Your Majesty, Feng Wu is my goddaughter and I don’t believe she would do such a thing to the crown prince… Your Majesty, please let me stay! If Feng Wu really does what you think she’s going to do, I’ll kill her myself!”

The empress dowager glared at Lady Northern Feng!

She had forgotten all about the fondness she had for Lady Northern Feng… As a matter of fact, the old lady was mad at Lady Northern Feng because of her relationship with Feng Wu .

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Emperor Wu, on the other hand, waved it off . “Yaya’s right . She’s Feng Wu’s godmother after all… So, let her stay . ”

He didn’t think much of it, for —

He didn’t believe in men getting taken advantage of .

But what happened next baffled them .

Feng Wu took out a pack of acupuncture needles after she removed Jun Linyuan’s clothes .

She then unrolled the pack, took out a finger-long thin needle, and stuck it into the top of Jun Linyuan’s head with steady fingers .

All three people opened their eyes wide .


They had been expecting x-rated images, but Feng Wu was actually… treating Jun Linyuan with acupuncture .

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What Feng Wu did next only convinced them more .

She went on sticking more needles into Jun Linyuan .

There were 21 in total, which were stuck into his head, chest, abdomen, and even the bottoms of his feet .

Feng Wu raised her hands when all the needles were in place .

Pale green dots of light fell from her fingertips like fireflies .

“That —”

The empress dowager was dumbfounded . “She’s doing something spectacular, isn’t she?”

Emperor Wu opened his eyes wide in amazement . “That’s right . Master Chu is the only other physician I know of who can treat patients with this sort of green light . ”

And Master Chu was a Supreme Level medicine refiner .

He was the best medicine refiner in the bureau of physicians .

Lady Northern Feng could finally breathe normally again .

For a moment there, she thought she was going to have a heart attack .

Come to think of it, Feng Wu was really an amazing physician . She could even use that green light…

“Xiao Wu is almost as good a physician as Master Chu is, right?” Lady Northern Feng asked gingerly .

Emperor Wu glanced at Lady Northern Feng . He wanted to tell her that Master Chu wasn’t able to emit as much green light as this during his treatment, and his light wasn’t as green and full of spiritual essence as Feng Wu’s either .

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