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Chapter 935
Chapter 935: She’s Not A Cripple!!! (4)

“That’s not possible… They have to be mistaken, they have to be…” Lady Wang murmured to herself .

The news of Feng Wu recovering her ability hit Lady Wang the hardest .

Because it would be a disaster for her!

Was Feng Wu going to rise and become the star of the clan once more, like she used to be?

That wasn’t what disturbed Lady Wang the most . What really worried her was if Feng Wu found out that Feng Yanfeng’s family had been involved in that incident five years ago… Lady Wang’s pupils contracted .

Feng Liu was so nervous that she thought her heart was going to jump out of her throat . Her mood was darker than a stormy sky .

No… They had to be mistaken! Feng Liu would rather die than admit the truth .

And she wasn’t the only one . Ye Yafei, Duan Chaoyue, and many other girls all wished that it was just a nightmare and that they would wake up soon .

Meanwhile, Feng Wu went on with her task, without any idea that her actions were being scrutinized by the entire city .

After dragging Jun Linyuan away from the beast, she found somewhere flat and lay him down .

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Feng Wu shook the teenager . “Your Royal Highness, Your Royal Highness, wake up!”

However, Jun Linyuan was drained of all color under the blood which covered his face . His eyes were shut tight and his teeth were clenched together . He was unconscious .

Feng Wu checked his breathing .

The look on her face changed .

The empress dowager panicked when she saw the grim look on Feng Wu’s face . “What’s going on? What happened to my dear Baby Jun?”

Many cried out with her .

The toughest part was over .  Your Royal Highness, you can’t die now!

Feng Wu then checked Jun Linyuan’s pulse, and her face darkened further .

The toxin had reached his heart, and he was in grave condition!

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He really would die if she didn’t do something now .

Whoosh —

Feng Wu untied Jun Linyuan’s robe, exposing the fair skin of his chest .

That woman had just taken His Royal Highness’s clothes off!

Many girls found her actions outrageous, but wished more than anything that they could take Feng Wu’s place .

The empress dowager didn’t react, for she knew that Feng Wu was examining Jun Linyuan .

However, the next second —

No one could believe what they were seeing!

Feng Wu lowered her head, stared at Jun Linyuan, then put her mouth on Jun Linyuan’s with such a resolute look on her face that one would think that she was embracing her death .

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The crowd exploded!

“F- Feng Wu, she…”

“What’s she doing?! What does she think she’s doing?!”

“His Royal Highness is in critical condition, but all she can think of is taking advantage of him when he’s unconscious!”

“Oh, god, I thought she didn’t have feelings for His Royal Highness just then, since she didn’t show him any compassion earlier . I can’t believe how sleazy she is!”

“This is so scary! That woman is so scary! I want to kill her!”

Feng Yanfeng blanched!

Feng Wu… She had lost her mind!

Cining Palace .

The empress dowager’s face had turned purple, and Emperor Wu looked equally mad .

“Feng Wu! That Feng Wu! I’m going to kill her! I will!”

The empress dowager clenched her fists and her face twisted .

For a moment there, she thought that Feng Wu was going to save her grandson!

And she actually believed that Feng Wu wasn’t in love with her Baby Jun .

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