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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:17:41 PM
Chapter 933
Chapter 933: She’s Not A Cripple!!! (2)

“If that’s what a cripple looks like, then what are we?”

“Wait, did you notice the flame Feng Wu used to kill the beast with?”

“She was using the fire attribute! She has abilities, okay?!”

“And there’s more! That bird is a spiritual pet, and can only be joined to its owner by a spiritual contract! She can’t be a cripple!”

Soon, everyone was talking about it .

Grand Secretary Fang rubbed his forehead . Feng Wu was exposed, she really was…

Two people in the crowd had already gone green in the face .

They were Zuo Ming and Empress Dugu .

Feng Wu was no longer a cripple! She had spiritual essence!

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Judging by the way she moved, she was a pretty good cultivator, too, and not just some newbie!

Zuo Ming looked shaken .

They had made sure that Feng Wu’s True Phoenix Blood was destroyed, but she somehow got it back? Zuo Ming clenched his fists . He decided that he would write to Zuo Qingluan about it after he got back!

Emperor Wu and the empress dowager were equally shocked .

Feng Wu had spiritual essence… How had she been able to keep it from everyone?

Emperor Wu recalled something Feng Wu had said before .

She claimed that everything had been the Zuo family’s doing…

So, was she afraid of the Zuo family acting against her if they found out?

At that thought, Emperor Wu darted a look at Zuo Ming out of the corner of his eye .

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What he saw made Emperor Wu think .

Zuo Ming really did look awful… So, exactly how reliable was Feng Wu’s accusation?

On the other hand, the only thing the empress dowager cared about was her grandson . “Where’s my Baby Jun? Is he alright? Why isn’t he awake?”

Everyone was still shocked by the fact that Feng Wu had spiritual essence, and they had forgotten about the crown prince for a moment .

At the reminder, everyone turned their attention back to the crown prince .

By then, Feng Wu had dragged Jun Linyuan off the beast .

Everyone stared at Feng Wu in surprise!

“She’s so rough . ” Empress Dugu grunted .

That she was .

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Feng Wu pulled the crown prince out of a bloody pile as if she was handling a ragged doll . She showed him no consideration .

It looked merciless .

That was why everyone was so astonished .

Especially the girls .

How could she do that?!

The crown prince was like a god to them, and the thought of doing anything to him felt like defilement . They would be satisfied with looking at the teenager from afar, but what did Feng Wu do?

She grabbed his arm and dragged him out!

As if he was one of that beast’s entrails!

Many were indignant at the sight!

In Cining Palace, the empress dowager’s face had turned livid . Her gaze was so intense that it could bore into Feng Wu’s skin .

Seeing the look on the old lady’s face, Grand Secretary Fang sighed inwardly .

Little Feng Wu, you really should be more careful about such things…

Someone mumbled something at that moment .

“Isn’t Feng Wu supposed to be in love with His Royal Highness? Is that how one shows their affection?”

Many looked puzzled .

Judging by how rough Feng Wu was, they couldn’t see any sign of her being in love with His Royal Highness .

That baffled everyone in Cining Palace, as well as all the people watching the live feed on the screen outside .

Because of the emperor’s order, the live feed was being broadcasted to the public .

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