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Chapter 934
Chapter 934: She’s Not A Cripple!!! (3)

Although they couldn’t hear Feng Wu’s voice, for the screen was on mute, everyone could see what was going on .

It was such big news that it spread in no time .

The entire imperial capital heard about it in a matter of minutes, and more people rushed to the square outside Imperial College .

The place was soon packed .

Feng Liu and her parents were there .

So was Duan Chaoge’s family .

And Ye Yafei .

Many more were arriving at the square .

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They all saw how roughly Feng Wu handled the crown prince, and Feng Yanfeng was furious!

He wanted to throttle that idiotic girl!

That was the crown prince! Did she know what she was doing?!

Everyone was talking at the same time .

Duan Chaoge’s parents were there as well, and Mr Duan darted a look at Feng Yanfeng when he saw what Feng Wu was doing .

Mr Duan said, “Master Feng, that daughter of your family…”

Feng Yanfeng said, “She has brought shame to my entire family . I’m sorry you had to see it . ”

Feng Yanfeng was conflicted .

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When would it end? What other blasphemous thing would Feng Wu do? Feng Yanfeng was on edge .

Someone in the crowd made a comment .

“I thought Feng Wu was in love with His Royal Highness, but it doesn’t look like it . ”

“His Royal Highness canceled his marriage contract with Feng Wu; after such a humiliation, she would never be in love with His Royal Highness . What are you even thinking?”

“But His Royal Highness is so exceptional . What’s wrong with liking him?”

“His Royal Highness is extraordinary, but Feng Wu isn’t too bad herself either . ”

“Feng Wu? Not too bad? Her nickname is Failure Wu . Don’t you know that?”

“My friend, you missed the first half, didn’t you?”

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“What first half?”

“If you were here earlier, you couldn’t have missed it: Feng Wu has spiritual essence, and she’s no Failure Wu . She was actually pretty impressive!”

Feng Yanfeng’s head went blank when he heard those words .

What? Feng Wu had spiritual essence? Heh, impossible .

Feng Yanfeng didn’t buy it, for he hadn’t detected any spiritual essence on Feng Wu .

But the other person was very persistent . “Feng Wu has cultivation ability, she really does! And her level is higher than a Spiritual Master . ”

“How do you know that?”

“Everyone here knows! Feng Wu, His Royal Highness, and that Frosty Night Beast were falling together…” The onlooker then described what happened for those that had missed the first part .

His narration was vivid and full of excitement .

“Really? Feng Wu actually saved His Royal Highness? And what she did sounds so complicated!”

“You don’t say! Feng Wu was really impressive . Do I need to remind you that she was considered a super genius five years ago!”

“That’s right . If that incident five years ago hadn’t happened, she’d probably be as capable as His Royal Highness now!”

The onlookers started an animated discussion, and the topic was Feng Wu’s cultivation level .

Feng Yanfeng’s eyes widened .

So much so that his eyes popped out!

“How is that possible… how?” Feng Yanfeng, Lady Wang, and Feng Liu exchanged looks of disbelief .

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