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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:17:44 PM
Chapter 932
Chapter 932: She’s Not A Cripple!!! (1)

Grand Secretary Fang’s stomach lurched .

Oh no, Feng Wu’s cultivation ability had been exposed .

She would never be able to throw Jun Linyuan upward for over a hundred meters if she didn’t have any spiritual essence .

Moreover, a bird also popped out of thin air . It grabbed Jun Linyuan and stopped him from falling too fast .

That bird was none other than her mount . Without spiritual essence, she would never be able to form a bond with a magical beast, so that it would do as told .  Little Feng Wu, you’ve just exposed yourself!

But Grand Secretary Fang scanned the room and realized that everyone was too concerned about Jun Linyuan’s safety to notice what Feng Wu had done .

He sighed inwardly with relief .

However, at that moment!

The beast wouldn’t give up . It stared at Feng Wu and smirked .

Immediately after that, it summoned all the strength it had left and hurtled downward in Feng Wu’s direction!

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It would take as many lives with it as possible!

People watched as the beast fell on Feng Wu like a collapsing mountain .


Feng Wu’s stomach lurched .

She emitted a streak of flame at the last moment, which shot the beast in the eye in a blazing beam of light!


It pierced the beast through its eye!

The beast screamed, and the sound was earsplitting .

By then, Feng Wu had almost reached the bottom . At the last moment, she threw the rope around the beast’s neck and swung herself up!

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Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan landed on the beast almost at that exact moment, and the impact nearly shattered their bones .

But it successfully balanced out the momentum of their fall .

What was more, they bounced off the beast a little, and were actually a little further up in the air than before .

But the ground was less than a hundred meters away .

The beast crash landed first!


Feng Wu calculated the angle carefully so that she and Jun Linyuan fell right on top of the beast’s plump belly!


The beast’s stomach exploded, and entrails spurted out . Some even fell on Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan’s clothes .

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By using the beast as a buffer, Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan didn’t suffer very severe injuries from the fall .

Concerned with Jun Linyuan’s existing wounds, Feng Wu made sure that he landed on top of her .


Jun Linyuan’s head hit her right in the chest and nearly knocked the air out of her .

Luckily, they both survived .

In front of the screen, everyone watched with open mouths .

Feng Wu was able to kill the beast at the last moment, used its body as a cushion, and chose the perfect angle to land… Everything she did had been unexpected!

“Is that Feng Wu?”

“Did she really do all that?”

“Am I seeing things?”

Everyone stared at Feng Wu in disbelief!

How… did she do it?


Someone in the crowd cried out .

It was Elder Xuanyuan .

“Isn’t Feng Wu a cripple with no cultivation ability? Did she look like she had no spiritual essence?!” the old man asked the crowd .

That reminded everyone .

That was right!

Feng Wu’s moves were so swift and smooth that even a cultivator would find it hard to pull them off, let alone a cripple with no abilities!

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