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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:17:47 PM
Chapter 931
Chapter 931: Is Jun Linyuan Dead? (2)

Seeing that the beast was still alive, the empress dowager gasped in astonishment!

“It’s still alive! How can it still be alive?!” She would tear the beast into pieces, if she could .

And the rest of the audience was as flustered as she was .

Would Jun Linyuan survive? That was the question that lingered in everyone’s heads .

Emperor Wu clenched his fists anxiously .

“Feng Wu, Feng Wu, you have to make it work!”

The empire couldn’t afford to lose Jun Linyuan, the greatest heir to the throne in history!

By then, many had arrived at court in a hurry, but only a handful were permitted to enter Cining Palace .

Lady Northern Feng was one of them .

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She rushed into the palace like a gust of wind .

“What now? What’s happening? Is His Royal Highness in danger?” Lady Northern Feng went up to the empress dowager in a hurry, for the latter looked awful .

The empress dowager seemed to settle down a little after Lady Northern Feng arrived . She forgot about Empress Dugu right away and grabbed Lady Northern Feng’s hand instead .

“Yaya, look! Baby Jun…”

Lady Northern Feng looked up at the screen .

At that moment, Feng Wu had Jun Linyuan tied onto her back and was climbing up the rope .

However, the beast still clung to life, and was trying to sever the rope .

Feng Wu had tied the rope to the beast’s leg, and it was now scraping at the rope with its claw .

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Luckily, it was already very weak, or the rope would have been cut already .

However, the thick rope was being picked apart bit by bit… It would break, eventually .

Gradually, the rope wasn’t able to hold the weight of two people .

Everyone in front of the screen realized that if Feng Wu abandoned Jun Linyuan now, she would be able to climb back onto the beast and survive the fall; she wouldn’t, if Jun Linyuan was still on her back .

Seeing Feng Wu begin to untie Jun Linyuan from herself, the empress dowager was furious .

Pointing at Feng Wu, she bellowed in a trembling voice, “What’s she doing? What’s she trying to do?!”

What was Feng Wu going to do?

It was the thought that was in the minds of many —

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Was Feng Wu going to abandon Jun Linyuan now to save her own life?

In a moment of life and death, would she choose someone else’s life over her own? Many asked themselves the question, and the answer was no .

There was nothing wrong with Feng Wu’s choice .

However —

It was a live feed, and people were watching . If Feng Wu did that and came out alive, she would wish she were dead after she left the snowfield .

The royal family’s revenge would be unimaginable .

Moreover, she wouldn’t be the only one to receive a death sentence; so would everyone who had the slightest connection to her .

Lady Northern Feng clenched her fists and her face tightened .

Grand Secretary Fang was equally nervous .

He hadn’t felt like this for many years .

But —

Feng Wu’s choice was unexpected .

The beast guffawed and was ready to embrace the ground, when Feng Wu threw Jun Linyuan upward with all her might!

The strength she exerted —

It was unbelievable!

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