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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:17:50 PM
Chapter 930
Chapter 930: Is Jun Linyuan Dead? (1)

No one could predict how the emperor and his mother would react if Jun Linyuan was killed .

Neither could Feng Wu .

But she still instinctively tried to save Jun Linyuan .

What was more pressing was that she didn’t know that communication was back on .

Grand Secretary Fang wanted to remind Feng Wu, but…

His voice couldn’t go through .

Only then did Grand Secretary Fang realize that the girl had turned her sound off .

Because of that, Grand Secretary Fang felt anxious for Feng Wu .

If things didn’t go as planned, the girl would be in a lot of trouble… However, what was more important was for her to get through this .

One of Feng Wu’s merits was that danger only cooled her head .

They were almost at the bottom, and she was running out of time!

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Feng Wu took out a rope, tied herself to the beast, then jumped off!

Whoosh —

The next moment, she was next to Jun Linyuan .

Those watching in front of the screen held their breaths for Feng Wu!

It was easy to pull this off if she were on flat ground, but she was able to stay level-headed while falling through an abyss . That surprised everyone .

The empress dowager stared at Feng Wu and wished that she could go in herself to drag Jun Linyuan out .

But —

Feng Wu might have reached Jun Linyuan, but it wasn’t easy to pull Jun Linyuan up .

Thanks to Feng Wu’s swift moves and tough nerves, she was able to grab Jun Linyuan while they were falling .

However, it was a different story when she wanted to get them back onto the beast .

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Her best option right now was to wake Jun Linyuan up .

She patted Jun Linyuan’s cheek . “Wake up . Wake up now . ”

In such a situation, Feng Wu used a bit too much force .

That enraged the empress dowager!

“What’s wrong with Feng Wu?! She’s hitting him so hard she could kill him!”

Grand Secretary Fang darted a look at the empress dowager .

That was all she cared about in this moment of life and death?

But in fact —

Many people found what Feng Wu was doing infuriating!

Especially the girls!

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Jun Linyuan was like a deity no one should ever defile, but what was Feng Wu doing? She was slapping him?! How could she bring herself to do it?!

Feng Wu was busy saving Jun Linyuan, and had no idea that she was being observed by so many people, let alone the fact that those people were hating her for it .

Feng Wu was exasperated!

She could only count on herself if Jun Linyuan remained unconscious .

Feng Wu shifted in the air, tied Jun Linyuan on her back, then tried to climb up the rope .

They were already falling at a frightening speed, but now, she was trying to climb up? That was impossible!

Just then!

Crack —

Feng Wu looked up to see the beast turn its head and stare at her with its beady eyes .


Feng Wu cursed under her breath .

The beast wasn’t dead! It was still breathing!

It had kept very still, so Feng Wu had been sure that it was dead . But it wasn’t! Shit!

As if it wasn’t difficult enough…

Why was it so hard to live in this world?

In front of the screen —

Everyone’s stomachs lurched when they saw the beast open its eyes!

It was especially so with the empress dowager —

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