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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:17:53 PM
Chapter 929
Chapter 929: Jun Linyuan Is Going to Die!

A look of pleasant surprise flickered in Empress Dugu’s eyes, but she looked down before anyone else noticed .

Was Jun Linyuan… really going to die? If he did die, the crown would belong to the empire’s second son, aka her son .

The empress dowager woke up while Empress Dugu was allowing her imagination to run wild .

“My Baby Jun…” The empress dowager burst into tears and wouldn’t let go of Emperor Wu’s hand . “What happened to Baby Jun? How is he now?”

Emperor Wu didn’t know any better and was equally flustered!

“Why isn’t Grand Secretary Fang showing us anything?! I need to see Jun Linyuan now!” Emperor Wu summoned a servant . “Go tell Grand Secretary Fang to show us what we want to see!”

As a matter of fact, Grand Secretary Fang had changed the image on the screen already .

Luckily, Feng Wu was there, or they wouldn’t have been able to see the crown prince .

Whoosh —

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The wind was howling .

Snatched by the beast, Feng Wu was stuck tightly to its belly!

Looking down, Feng Wu saw a bottomless pit beneath them . Jun Linyuan, the beast, and herself were falling at a tremendous speed .


Jun Linyuan had fallen first, followed by the beast with Feng Wu stuck to its belly . If they hit the ground now, Jun Linyuan would be on the bottom .

When that happened, even someone like Jun Linyuan would be crushed to a pulp!

They weren’t that far from the bottom, so Feng Wu reached out to grab Jun Linyuan!

Everyone saw it on the screen .

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The empress dowager was the most nervous one . She pressed her hands to her chest and prayed for Jun Linyuan .

However, Feng Wu missed .

She nearly fell off the beast’s belly herself .

Feng Wu grabbed the beast’s fur to steady herself .

This wouldn’t do . She needed a strategy .

And she needed it now!

Otherwise, Jun Linyuan would die!

She wasn’t the only one who was concerned; so was everyone who was in front of the screen .

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Especially the empress dowager .

Clenching her fists, the old lady murmured, “Little Feng Wu, I’ll treat you nicely from now on if you can save my Baby Jun . You have to save him!”

However, next to her, Empress Dugu smirked .

Feng Wu was a good-for-nothing . How would she be able to save Jun Linyuan? What a joke .

“But Feng Wu… She’s a cripple with no spiritual essence…” Empress Dugu sighed and feigned a worried look .

Instantly —

Cining Palace fell into a despairing silence .

That was right… Feng Wu had no cultivation ability . There was no way she could stop an unconscious Jun Linyuan from falling, let alone drag him up and prepare for the impact .

The empress dowager couldn’t see any hope .

“Feng Wu, I’ll have your entire family killed and the rest of your clan banished if you can’t save the crown prince!” the empress dowager bellowed .

The empress dowager knew that Feng Wu wasn’t to be blamed for losing her ability, but she was still furious .

Everyone in the room felt sorry for Feng Wu .

Grand Secretary Fang and the others had also hurried over to the imperial palace, so that the empress dowager could question them .

The faces of Emperor Wu and his mother were livid .

The entire Cining Palace seemed to be covered in a dark cloud .

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