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Chapter 93: City Lord

Feng Wu rejected it out vehemently in her heart! In her mind, she was saying [You guys should leave quickly, I want to refine my Nine Reversal Spirit Pill, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah……] Therefore, her expression appeared extremely complicated.

Feng Xun thought that he'd truly exposed Feng Wu's inner thoughts, so he immediately became very proud of himself. "Haven't I said it. She likes our Boss Jun, this girl's always liked to be untruthful. Presently, she finally leaked it out on her own, right?"

Feng Wu inhaled deeply and made a fist. "……."

That mouth of Feng Xun's. From his seat, he stood up, walked to stand before Feng Wu, and patted her shoulder. "Alas, sigh, tell me, what's so embarrassing about this? Isn't it quite normal to like our Boss Jun? What's abnormal would be to NOT like him, right? Speaking of which, the two of you indeed has a marriage……"

"Cough!" Jun Lin Yuan's fist was placed by the side of his mouth as he lightly coughed once.

Feng Xun instantly withdrew his thought as he turned his head and glanced at Jun Lin Yuan.

Boss Jun is quite a schemer, not telling Feng Wu about the situation with the marriage. In this way, he can move forward with the marriage if he wanted to, and can sign the annulment at any time whenever he felt like it. The power is completely within his hands, truly despicable!

Feng Wu truly felt helpless as she begged Feng Xun to let her go. "So……when in the world are you guys leaving?"

Feng Xun's gaze swept across the shiny plates on the tabletop, thinking if they left now, he didn't know when he'd eat these again next time……that won't do, he must think of a way to stay here!

Feng Xun glanced at Feng Wu with disdain. "Since you're so reluctant to part with us, we'll then……"

Just at this time, distinct sounds of footsteps transmitted from outside.

The Feng clan's butler quickly entered. He looked at Feng Wu, then looked at Feng Yi Ran……he finally still walked to Feng Wu's side, lowered his voice, and spoke softly by Feng Wu's ear.

Feng Wu still hadn't reacted when little Seventh Feng cried out in alarm and jumped up. "What? The City Lord came? ! He shouldn't be making things difficult for us again, right? !"

Feng Xun frowned. "Isn't Bi Yun Fei the Northern Territory City's city lord? Isn't this old Bi's character very good? Why would he make things difficult for you guys?"

Little Seventh Feng was dumbfounded. "You're a young prince, of course he'd treat you well, but in regards to the way he treat us, he's not the least bit polite. Originally, he was even going to have his retarded son marry my older sister forcefully!"

"Little Seventh!" Feng Wu shouted softly.

"What? !" Once Feng Xun heard these words, he immediately became dissatisfied! If little Feng Wu became the daughter-in-law of another family, who's going to cook for him again in the future? If he wanted to eat, could it be that he'd have to run all the way to the Northern Territory City Lord's home, how's that going to work? Did Bi Yun Fei have such a big face? ! (Was he that distinguished?)

Feng Wu sighed in her heart.

She originally thought that after this meal, she'd be able to happily refine that pill, but she didn't expect one hindrance to appear after another. Truly made a person overwhelmed……if it was possible, Feng Wu wouldn't have agreed to cook this meal no matter what.

Feng Wu waved her hand at the Feng family's butler. "Tell the City Lord we're currently entertaining honored guests. It's not convenient to see him, have him return first——"

Feng Wu's voice hadn't dropped when Feng Yi Ran frowned and coldly stopped her. "Feng Wu, have you asked for my opinion? Yet you already directly arranged for him to go back?"

Feng Wu frowned as she looked at Feng Yi Ran.

Feng Yi Ran laughed coldly. "The City Lord of Northern Territory City was invited by me for a visit. He specifically rushed over for a visit so quickly on account of the crown prince's group of people being here. Normally, you wouldn't be able to see him even if you wanted to, yet you dare to reject him!"

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