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Chapter 94: So, What Do You Think Of Feng Wu?

Without waiting for Feng Wu to speak, Feng Yi Ran quickly stepped outside. Because as far as he was concerned, the city lord's status was above his.

"Little Feng Wu." Feng Xun poked Feng Wu's head.

"What're you doing?" Feng Wu covered her painful forehead as that pair of limpid, pretty eyes glared at Feng Xun.

"Tch tch tch——" Feng Xun curled his lips. "This is really unlike you. In the past, Feng Yi Ran was so obedient of you, now he's treating you this way, and you're not angry?"

The Feng clan's butler rolled his eyes with dissatisfaction. "……when in the world are you guys going to leave?"

Feng Xun complacently replied. "Originally, we were going leave after we finished eating, however, there's going to be a good play to watch soon. How can we leave? Ha haha——"

Feng Wu's hand supported her forehead as she turned her head and faced Jun Lin Yuan's pair of profoundly mysterious eyes……her back subconsciously stiffened.

She didn't know why. Feng Wu feared nothing in heaven or earth, but when Jun Lin Yuan used that pair of profoundly mysterious, beautiful eyes to focus on her, her heart would involuntarily constrict.

Feng Xun saw Feng Wu turn her head and ignore him. He again couldn't stand the alienation as his finger poked her, and poked her again.

"What're you doing?" Feng Wu wasn't in a good mood as she turned her head around and shot a glance at Feng Xun.

"Did Bi Yun Fei really want to force you to become his family's daughter-in-law?" Feng Xun asked inquisitively.

Feng Wu took in a deep breath. "……"

Just at this time, Feng Yi Ran smilingly came in along with City Lord Bi.

City Lord Bi looked to be a middle aged man who's smiling from ear to ear, facial features handsome and bright, all smiles, appearing quite warm and affable, very much like a harmless, domesticated animal.

However, the corners of Feng Xun's mouth curled a little.

To be able to become a city lord, especially the city lord of a city like Northern Territories City, Bi Yun Fei was certainly not a simple character.

Sure enough, Bi Yun Fei came forward and deferentially paid his respects to Jun Lin Yuan.

Jun Lin Yuan aloofly and cryptically sat at the seat of honor, his gaze as cold as the chilly frost, without paying much attention to the smiling City Lord Bi.

Of the people at the scene, no one felt that Jun Lin Yuan's attitude was bad, because he had always been this ice-cold.

City Lord Bi again took the initiative to greet Feng Xun. "Young Prince Feng, after I left the capital, it's been awhile since we've met. At that time, the young prince was only seven years old, yet now, you've already grown up."

Feng Xun looked up and down as he sized up City Lord Bi, examining him closely.

City Lord Bi's hairs stood on ends somewhat as he was scrutinized by Feng Xun. "In regards to this humble one, the young prince……is there something you're displeased with?"

Feng Xun rubbed his chin and spoke unhurriedly. "I heard that City Lord Bi has a son?"

City Lord Bi's heart bathumped, only he knew that his son had cerebral palsy since birth. After his son grew up, his IQ, his intelligence continued to remain the same as a five year old's. However, what he liked the most were beautiful women. Without a beautiful woman before him, he simply didn't feel like eating. That's why City Lord Bi developed the intent towards Feng Wu.

City Lord Bi took measure of Jun Lin Yuan and Feng Wu.

At the time, the whole world knew about Jun Lin Yuan and Feng Wu's engagement. After that, the whole world also knew about Feng Wu becoming a cripple. Everybody knew that the imperial family spurned Feng Wu, that Crown Prince Jun abandoned Feng Wu.

City Lord Bi discovered that the gaze with which Jun Lin Yuan looked at Feng Wu was brimming with fury, and he immediately became delighted!

The reason why he took advantage of this opportunity to come, firstly, was to fawn on Jun Lin Yuan, secondly, it was to observe Crown Prince Jun's attitude before deciding whether he could take the step to force Feng Wu into marriage.

Just now, it would appear that Crown Prince Jun was quite disgusted with Feng Wu……

Thinking this way, City Lord Bi's amassed a smile across his whole face. "Yes yes yes, this official indeed has a son, it's just that he failed to live up to expectations. He's already so old, yet still hasn't taken a wife. This indeed makes a person's heart break down."

Feng Xun smiled yet wasn't smiling. "So, what do you think about Feng Wu?"

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