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Chapter 92: God Helps Attack Youngsters

Feng Yi Ran simply resented his sister for failing to meet his expectations. If it weren't for the fact that outsiders were in their presence, at this moment, he certainly would've immediately flicked Feng Liu's head and taught her a lesson. This is a difficult to come by opportunity to perform in front of Crown Prince Jun, yet she unexpectedly couldn't see it? She's simply too stupid!

Jun Lin Yuan's gaze swept across Fairy Mu Yao's plate, but Fairy Mu Yao didn't react unusually.

However, when Jun Lin Yuan's gaze swept across Feng Liu's face——

Feng Liu only felt her heartbeat speed up as her face turned crimson! Her fingers subconsciously played with the hair which hung down as she bashfully dared not raise her head.

Feng Xun and company devoured their food ravenously. How were these nine plates enough for them to eat? Very quickly, only red sauce was left over.

"You're really not eating?" Feng Xun stared at Fairy Mu Yao.

Fairy Mu Yao barely nodded her head when 'woosh' that piece of sweet and sour pork on her plate quickly entered Feng Xun's mouth.

"You're also not eating?" Feng Xun asked Feng Liu also.

Feng Liu simply didn't know what response she should give. It's but a piece of meat, how could Young Prince Feng……he's actually the Feng family's young prince, the young prince who walked arrogantly at the capital. Right now, he'd unexpectedly shown this kind of mannerism?

"Really not eating? !" Feng Xun was somewhat impatient.

Feng Liu finally responded as she hurriedly nodded. "No——"

However, the one word barely left Feng Liu's mouth when Xuan Yi's chopsticks were already in the air as the piece of sweet and sour pork quickly flew towards him.

"Young, Second, Xuan!" Feng Xun really felt like fighting it out with Xuan Yi!

Xuan Yi spread out his hands as he leisurely ate, making Feng Xun so angry he wanted to charge over again.

Fairy Mu Yao simply couldn't bear to continue looking at them. "Isn't it only a piece of meat? Isn't it only a meal? Are you guys really going to go that far?"

"You don't understand!" Feng Xun impatiently glared at her.

Fairy Mu Yao truly didn't understand……why did she feel as if Feng Xun despised her?

Seeing that everyone had eaten to their heart's content, various urges appeared in Feng Wu's heart. Since everyone had eaten their fill, why don't they hurry and leave. Why was it that each and every one of them sat on their chairs without standing up as if they're paralyzed? How much longer were they going to sit there? She still needed to refine the Immortal Spirit Fruit's essence fluid!

Feng Xun noticed how Feng Wu was continually staring at everyone. He said in a displeased manner "What are you looking at?"

Feng Wu's mind was busy thinking to herself about the Immortal Spirit Fruit. Consequently, she spoke subconsciously without thinking. "I'm wondering about when you guys are leaving."

After she finished saying that, Feng Wu suddenly woke with a start, and eventually became aware of what she'd just said. She immediately became horrified!

How could she just say what was on her mind? ! My god! Wasn't she obviously driving people away? Was she going to be killed by Crown Prince Jun? !

Feng Xun was stunned all at once. Everyone at the scene also froze in place……

Feng Wu. "……" What's to be done? How's she going to remedy this situation? She's indeed a cripple right now, yet she offended the crown prince's band of people!

However, what Feng Wu didn't think of no matter what was that Feng Xun unexpectedly said 'woah' as an ambiguous smile appeared on his face. "Tsk tsk tsk, little Feng Wu, oh little Feng Wu, you untruthful girl, you're finally going to be truthful now? !"

Feng Wu. "……what?"

"You're reluctant to part with our Boss Jun. Haven't you directly said it. Spoken so reservedly that we almost couldn't tell. My goodness~~"

Feng Xun smiled exceedingly ambiguously as his eyes shined with a busybody's sparkle.

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