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Chapter 928
Chapter 928: Uncertain

They knew things would be bad in Proud Snowfield, but now that they saw the fleeing candidates… That fissure was chasing the candidates, and was widening as they watched!

Any slower, and the candidates would all be swallowed up!

They really could be killed!

In the square, the parents saw their children running away from that huge crack in the ground, and they held their breaths in fear!


“Why is this happening?!”

“Why would they choose such difficult terrain for the candidates? They’re just kids!”

“Is my child going to die?”

“Where is His Royal Highness? Didn’t he lead a team in to save the candidates? Where are they now?!”

Just then, the ground shook violently!

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“Ahhh —”

There was a cry of surprise!

That was —

Grand Secretary Fang’s stomach turned, for he recognized the voice . It was Feng Wu!

Feng Wu then showed up on the screen abruptly!

Then, everyone watched as their revered crown prince was knocked into the grand fissure by a wild beast!


They all watched in astonishment and covered their mouths in disbelief!

That was Jun Linyuan!

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The crown prince that was supposed to be invincible and omnipotent!

He had just fallen into a gap in the ground because of a terrifying magical beast!

What on earth was that beast?!

“The Frosty Night Beast! That’s the king of Proud Snowfield! It owns the place!” Elder Xuanyuan stared at Grand Secretary Fang in disbelief . “The Frosty Night Beast has shown up!”

Grand Secretary Fang had never looked so serious .

He realized that he hadn’t thought it through thoroughly enough .

That Frosty Night Beast was too mighty a beast for Feng Wu to handle . She needed its Heart of Frost Essence, but even with Yu Mingye’s help… It had been a reckless decision, way too reckless!

However, Grand Secretary Fang had yet to recover from the shock when the beast sucked in one last breath before it fell .

“Phew —”

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The beast sucked Feng Wu toward it!

Everyone jumped to their feet!

For they saw Jun Linyuan, the Frosty Night Beast, and Feng Wu fall into the bottomless pit together!

“Oh god —”

The empress dowager fainted after witnessing that scene .

The entire imperial capital was in shock .

His Royal Highness… had fallen into that great fissure?

Was he going to die?

Could the invincible crown prince be killed?

He was the hope of the empire!

“Quickly!” Everyone prompted Grand Secretary Fang . “Show us His Royal Highness!”

Grand Secretary Fang was equally worried . If anything happened to Jun Linyuan in Proud Snowfield, his days as the principal of Imperial College would be over .

Moreover, it was common knowledge that the emperor couldn’t afford to lose Jun Linyuan .

“Mother —”

Seeing Jun Linyuan fall into the abyss, Emperor Wu was also filled with apprehension, but his mother had just passed out from fear, and he had to be tough .

Master Chu hadn’t arrived yet, and Emperor Wu had to pinch his mother’s philtrum to wake her up .

Emperor Wu and his mother weren’t alone in Cining Palace . Empress Dugu was there, too .

Empress Dugu had been fawning on the empress dowager lately, and she was all docile and demure around the old lady . As a result, the empress dowager found her more likeable than before, and had allowed the empress to keep her company more often .

Hence, Empress Dugu saw it too .

Jun Linyuan fell into that huge gap, and no one knew if he would survive .

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